Monday, May 19, 2008

Half way independentistas

Ever since Anibal was accused of 19 charges of federal crimes, the Partido Popular has been using nationalist and pro-independence rhetoric as a defensive mechanism and as a way to get pro-independence boricuas on their side. It all sounds good on its face, but when you start analyzing exactly what the PPD is saying, you realize that its pure rhetoric of people who are, for some reason, ashamed or scared. Why is the PPD afraid to say "we are nation, the US has no say here. period?" What are they afraid of?

At least the PPD is in the right direction, and are beginning to question Puerto Rico's relationship with the US. At most, the PPDs are half-way independentistas. But they still have a lot of work to do

Yesterday the PPD released their definition of an ELA soberano. Of course, I agree with part of it, but all-in-all its a contradiction in terms and principles. Read for yourself PPD's Definition of ELA Soberano