Saturday, December 30, 2006

A Scandal is Brewing!

SAN JUAN (AP) – Judge Ada López Santiago, who was appointed by Pedro Rosselló when he was governor, assigned herself to the case against the former governor, who she found no cause to arrest for processing an illegal retirement pension.PR WOW

“A mí me sorprendió esa decisión porque el requisito de cintila de evidencia (mínimo de prueba), más que se cumplió. Aquí la explicación hay que buscarla en criterios no jurídicos”, expresó Noriega. ENDi

“Ella (la juez) tenía que tomar conocimiento judicial de que la persona que tramitó los documentos y facilitó su negociación fue hallado culpable”, señaló Noriega. ENDi

“Lo que se presentó fue una 'cintota' de evidencia, un carrete de evidencia, por eso es que no puede ser una juez de verdad”, insistió. Destacó que tan pronto dio a conocer su determinación de no causa, la juez se levantó y se fue demostrando su desconocimiento del Derecho. “No sabía que tenía que fijar la fecha de apelación”, dijo Cerezo. ENDi

Would Boricuas execute Rossello?

Saddam was executed this morning. While his death my symbolize revenge for some Iraqis, in my opinion he was dead a long time ago - politically and emotionally. He lost power and was in US custody for years. In his absence, Iraq has crumbled. His death wont solve any problems in Iraq, and will most likely worsen them.

But, I wonder whether Puerto Ricans would execute any of their ex leaders. I think not. Rossello may be a cabron, but I dont think anybody (at least any normal person) would want to see him dead. What do u think?

Friday, December 29, 2006

Banco Popular is anti-student

I've been a client of Banco Popular (BPPR) for 5 years, both in New York and in Puerto Rico. I've had a BPPR Icon Credit Card for a year and a half. I rarely use it, but when I do, I pay it ALL off within the month. My payment history is superb. Yesterday, I requested an increase on my credit line of $200 - from $300 to $500. I'm a law student and I have shell out alot of $$ at the beginning of each semester - tuition, books, etc. Plus, I believe I deserve it. I explained this to the BPPR rep. To my surprise, I was denied. When I asked why, the reason they gave me was that I didn't comply with the "income requirement." Well, duh!, I though to myself. SO, I tell them well of course I don't receive a 'traditional' income in the sense that I dont have a job simply because I am a full time law student. But I do receive loans of which I support myself throughout the year. They didnt seem to get the picture. I spoke to several people including one of the senior credit officials. She tells me that 2 months ago the rules regarding student credit cards changed - now everyone is required to generate some type of income. She also tells me that loans cant be counted as income since it isnt assured that I will continue to study. I tell her that it makes no sense, first, if i had an income how are they assured that I wont get fired or that Il keep the job? Second, I tell her that students concentrate on their studies and most of them dont have time to work. I tell her that graduate and professional students have even less time to work. She understood my concern but could do nothing for me - unless I had a guaranteer to cosign for me. Bull shit! Since I know the calls are recorded, I duly expressed myself. I told her to tell her boss that the BPPR is unfair and irrational. That they are anti-student and that I was going to take my business somewhere else.

BPPR has betrayed me. They can't work with me, so I wont work with them. I'm going to another bank!! Richard Carrion, I hope you get this!

Global warming is real

TORONTO, Ontario (AP) -- A giant ice shelf the size of 11,000 football fields has snapped free from Canada's Arctic, scientists said.

The mass of ice broke clear 16 months ago from the coast of Ellesmere Island, about 800 kilometers (497 miles) south of the North Pole, but no one was present to see it in Canada's remote north.

Scientists using satellite images later noticed that it became a newly formed ice island in just an hour and left a trail of icy boulders floating in its wake. (Watch the satellite images that clued in ice watchers) CNN

Global Warming is real. Al Gore was right. Something must be done.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thoughts on Law School

I wrapped up my 3rd semester of law school a couple of weeks ago. This semester was tough, but I was better prepared. However, I still feel that law school is one big weeding out process; a sort of survival of the fittest if you may. I'm pretty sure I'm going to make good grades this semester. My study method has improved and I am able to correlate theory with practice. Though, I have to admit that there are some professors who are out to get you. I had one of them this semester. He is purpotedly an authority in constitutional law, however, his exams are probably the toughest and most unjust exams you will ever take. The line b/w tough and unfair is thin. Anyways, these sorts of professors draft up exams with the intent to trick a student. That is way many fail. Others pass thanks to the curve. But, the fact that w/o the curve the majority of the students fail tells alot of the professor. You cant blame the student - we bust are asses studying, memorizing and pounding into our heads the material.

These kind of professors make me sick. Why do they make the exams so difficult. I mean, if a student doesnt study or take law school seriously, why should professors set out to punish them - thats what the bar exam is for. He who doesnt study seriously will suffer when he has to take the bar. Professors should just make sure that they get the information to us, and that we are able to manage though all of it. Students shouldnt be able to learn all the rules, execpetions, and exceptions to exceptions in 16 weeks.

It is messed up that a student busts his ass studying for an exam and when he gets there the one question he sees is the one question that the professor barely covered in class and the toughest topic of the material.

Also, I think its unfair that professors put so much value on one question. Example - 1 essay question is worth 40 points. And, I dont get why professors deduct points for gramatical errors or because you forget to put a word. This is where I lose alot of points - especially with my spanish.

I think grades in law school should be pass or fail. What difference is there between a student who makes an A and a student who makes a B? 1 point. Or one question.

Anyways, these are some of my thoughts thus far. There will be more.

No Causa Probable for Rossello

Hace unos minutos, la jueza Ada López Santiago encontró no causa para arresto contra el senador por Arecibo, Pedro Rosselló.

“Luego de un análisis ponderado y serio sobre la calidad de la evidencia y entendiendo que la evidencia es circunstancial… el Tribunal no determina causa”, dijo la jueza.El Nuevo Dia
Maybe the case was fabricated, as Rossello says; maybe he did it as the populares say. I really don't give a damn. I lost all respect for the Puerto Rican legal system and the political system a long time ago. But there's one thing that I must point out about the judge's reasoning. As a student of law, who just wrapped up a course on Criminal Procedure, I have to point out the judge is wrong. In the arrest hearing, the judge only determines that there is reasonable cause to arrest. The defense has to prove the absence of any evidence. In fact, the defense has to prove the absence of ALL evidence that points to a crime. In this case, there was no absence of ALL evidence. The judge said it here self: there is circumstantial evidence! This, my friends, is enough to find reasonable cause to arrest.

Also, it seems that the judge entered the merits of the case by saying what she did. Whether evidence is circumstantial or direct should be left up to a jury. Her job is to only find probable cause for arrest on some kind of evidence, no matter direct or circumstantial.

I believe this isnt the last we will hear from this case.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Y quieren mas!

Los legisladores cobran un sueldo mínimo de casi $74,000 anuales, que con las dietas y estipendio por el uso de automóvil, sobrepasa los $100,000. Cuentan con una ley que autoriza aumentos salariales automáticos cada cuatro años.

De acuerdo con estadísticas de salarios anuales del Departamento del Trabajo federal, los legisladores puertorriqueños ganan más del doble del ingreso promedio anual de parlamentarios a nivel de todo Estados Unidos....

Insistió que el alza salarial no es un asunto promovido por la presente Legislatura ya que el aumento automático fue aprobado en la Cámara de Representantes bajo la incumbencia de Edison Misla Aldarrondo, y en el Senado, por Charlie Rodríguez.
Puerto Rican legislators get paid the most out of all state legislators in the US...and now they want a pay raise! And to top it off, the PNPs are referring to a law that was approved by the former president of the house who is now in jail! idiots!

Friday, December 08, 2006

SAN JUAN (AP) - Justice Secretary Roberto Sánchez Ramos agreed Thursday to wait for former Gov. Pedro Rosselló in order to present charges against him with the condition that he appear in court next week.Puerto Rico WOW!
Why is he out of the island anyways? Isn't the Legislature in session?

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Tax Break for US companies

SAN JUAN (AP) – Congress could consider this week, in its last days of the 2006 session, two measures to extend the increase in the reimbursement of the federal tax to imported rum and a tax reduction to a dozen of U.S. manufacturers in Puerto Rico.

Resident Commissioner Luis Fortuño said the intention of the Republicans appears to be to approve this week the package of initiatives that extends tax benefits, which include the continuation until 2007 of the increase in the reimbursement of the rum tax.

It will also include the validity of the amendment to Section 199 that adds Puerto Rico in a reduction of the tax rate of U.S. manufacturers, according to published reports.

This is bull crap. The gov't of PR has imposed a 7% sales tax on the people, but are pushing for re-approval of a tax break for US companies operating on the island. Total BS!

Rossello to be charged!

Antes de que termine esta semana, los fiscales del Departamento de Justicia radicarán cargos criminales contra el ex gobernador Pedro Rosselló por apropiación ilegal agravada, falsificación de documentos y aprovechamiento de un cargo público, relacionados al caso de su pensión. ENDI

It's about time! While we're at it, we should charge him for not paying the sales tax (you know, the one he approved). It's too bad being a mother fucker (un cabrón) isn't a crime, b/c Rossello would have gotten the book thrown at him!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Chu in FRANCE!

This is me in front of the Eiffel Tower during Los Renuentes trip to France back in September, 2006. Our presentation was great and the experience of being in the city of love was superb! Check out more pics of my trip to Paris.

Los Renuentes on MySpace

Check out my band's myspace page: Los Renuentes. There you'll find audio and video clips, and a list of upcoming gigs. Enjoy!

PIP Need more Candidates

Si el Partido Independentista Puertorriqueño (PIP) quiere nutrirse del Fondo Electoral para sufragar las campañas de sus aspirantes a la Legislatura, debería promover, al menos, dos candidatos para cada uno de los cuerpos de la Asamblea Legislativa. ENDI

Although I don't agree with is underlying purpose, I do agree with the comment that the PIP needs more candidates. And, I would add that they need NEW candidates. The same 3 or 4 people running every 4 years just doesnt cut it.


Chavez won 61 percent, while Manuel Rosales, a governor of an oil-producing province who united the opposition, trailed with 38 percent after 78 percent of the vote had been counted, the National Electoral Council said. Reuters

Who ever doubted him is an idiot. Who ever thought that other guy was gonna win, is an even bigger idiot.


Friday, December 01, 2006

I have returned!

Im back baby. Last time I was here, lets see, I think it was August and school was starting. Anyways, let me briefly catch up with my readers:

In Septemeber, I was in France playing with my band Los Renuentes. Amazing experience. Check out the pics here

In October: Well, mostly I was catching up on my school work. Also, since we've been back from France, los Reneuentes hace been gigging almost every weekend. We are getting pretty big.

November: went to Tampa for thanksgiving. Have begun studying for my finals.

As for politics, well Puerto Rico politics suck!! Politicians are corrupt. There was the HEctor Martinez, Lorna Soto and Coquito scandal! The sales tax was implementated and Rossello and his decided not to pay it. (and theyre the ones who approved it - jerks!)

Anyways, enough with politics, the biggest news is Los Renuentes. We have a demo and were on TV the other day - Contigo on TUTV. We also have a myspace -

Keep it real.