Friday, June 30, 2006

His was this BIG!

The poor in PR make more $ than the working class?

I've been working at the Municipio de Aguas Buenas Dept of Housing for the past month. It's a fun job and at times a humbling experience. We deal mostly with the poor, single mothers. However, every now and then we see a case where all at the office are left with their mouths wide open. Today we were reviewing a case of a single mother who receives social security,and has a part time job, which together amounts to $901. On top of that she receives section 8 housing aid and medicaid. A regular employee here at the office makes roughly $600 a month after taxes. Plus they have to pay mortgages and car loans. Thus, the poor single mother, who recieves full gov't aid and has a part time job makes rouhgly $3oo more than a municipal gov't employee. Is it me, or is this f*cked up.

Schools fight back agsints recruiters

SAN JUAN (AP) – Starting in August, public school students will have the benefit of receiving orientation by representatives of the pacifist movement to counteract the campaign of military recruiters.PR Wow!
What a good move by the secretary of education. That's what I'm talking about. Get those damn recruiters to stop telling lies to high school kids - "an army of one; be all that you can be." Bull crap!.

Legislature gets one right!

I have to admit that I constantly bash the PR legislature for their inactivity, apathy and total disregard for the peoples problems. However, I also believe that when someone does something right, they should get their due respect.

A couple of months ago, the legislature passed a law that prohibited cars from cruising on the emergency lane. And let me say that it has worked! The emergency lane is open, and it seems that tapones are moving more efficiently. Not only have they passed a good law, but they have been enforcing it as well. And the results are starting to make themselves apparent.

Good job legislature. You finally got one right.

Aponte has principles?

SAN JUAN (AP) – House Speaker José Aponte said Thursday he was willing to defy any decision the Supreme Court issues ordering him to sign the original version of the tax reform bill.

''I am not going to sign a document that is not what the House approved [amended] Tuesday,'' he said in an improvised press conference.

The House leader said that his principles and values are above the Constitution.
The President of the House says that his principles are above the Constitution. If that were the case, then why is he in office. Why not resign. And, why did he swear to uphold the constitution if he's not going to do it?

I'd just like to know what priniciples exactly is he willing to defend? His own? Rossellos? Or is he just a little arrogant and embarrased that he accidentally sigined into law a bill that favors a Popular plan? I dont think this guy is very intelligent. You can't just take back a law and amend it after the you approved it and sent it off to the Senate. And what about his legal advisors, didnt they advise him to stop? Probably not. I should know because one of his advisors was a professor of mine - and he sucked!

Shoot, the only people I know of who say that their principles are above the ELA constitution are hardcore independentistas and nacionalistas. And they don't vote or participate in electoral politics in PR. Maybe thats what Aponte should do - resign and live a clandesinte life. And on top of that, the Senate is against him, the Supreme Court will rule against him and soon, the voters will vote against him.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

SAN JUAN (EFE) – San Juan Mayor Jorge Santini blamed Gov. Aníbal Acevedo Vilá on Thursday for making him impose a tax on the hotels of the capital for the unequal treatment his municipality receives...

"No one likes to impose taxes; I don’t wish to have to recur to the charge of this special municipal contribution on the occupants of hotels in the capital, but the central government has taken us to make the decision. Acevedo Vilá and [Tourism Co. Executive Director] Terestella González Denton prevented the municipality of Carolina from imposing the same tax that we propose today for San Juan," Santini said. PR WOW

What a punk. Man, that's like a guy telling his girlfriend "you made me cheat on you baby." Santini is such a wuss. He should have just said, "my bad administration of funds has led me to impose a tax on the tourism industry" or "that damn tourism industry, they make so much money and give nothing to the government. Its time they pay their fair share." And besides, what is he whining for; San Juan gets better, and probably the best, treatment from the central government then any other municipality in Puerto Rico.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Updates on the Tren Urbano

SAN JUAN (AP) – With the first anniversary of the start of charging for the use of the Urban Train, the number of people that use it as part of their daily routine does not reach 40% of the expectations that its planners outlined.

The train transported over seven million passengers this year, for an average of 24,975 passengers during weekdays and 10,133 on weekends.

well, duh! everyone and the mother predicted this.
"Once the city is rebuilt around the transportation system, this will help us achieve our goal of 115,000 passengers," Transportation and Public Works Secretary Gabriel Alcaraz said in published reports.
Once the city is rebuilt?! That's going to take years! Damn, I guess the Tren Urbano is never going to be fully funcional.

A former New York University student pleaded guilty to bank and wire fraud Tuesday, admitting he used his student ID and expertly forged documents to pose as the heir to a billionaire Turkish family and trick investors into pouring millions into a nonexistent hedge fund.Yahoo News

First that girl from Harvard who plagarized. Now this kid from NYU who defrauded millions from hundreds of people. And they say the Ivy Leagues produce Americas top students. More like America's top crooks.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Medicine threatened by the lawyers?

PONCE (AP) – Puerto Rico Surgeons Association President Marissel Velázquez said Saturday that most pediatric surgeons refuse to do procedures for fear of being caught in malpractice lawsuits.

This is why I disliked my extracontractual class (torts). In Puerto Rico, as in anywhere in the US, anybody can sue for just about anything. And the doctors have it the worst. Patients expect them to perform miracles, and when they don't - lawsuit! Is our nation to trigger happy with the law?

Friday, June 02, 2006

In Tampa

In Tampa for the week. The city sucks, but the family is cool. Plus, I got my girl with me.

Last Exam

Dazed. Angered. Exhausted. There were people who cried. Others cursed. There were those with worried looks. No one was happy. After four hours teeth crunching questions on property law, noone seemed to want to do anything but go home, relax and think, and rethink the answer and choices, and why they were even there in the first place. And so ends our first year of law school.