Saturday, December 30, 2006

A Scandal is Brewing!

SAN JUAN (AP) – Judge Ada López Santiago, who was appointed by Pedro Rosselló when he was governor, assigned herself to the case against the former governor, who she found no cause to arrest for processing an illegal retirement pension.PR WOW

“A mí me sorprendió esa decisión porque el requisito de cintila de evidencia (mínimo de prueba), más que se cumplió. Aquí la explicación hay que buscarla en criterios no jurídicos”, expresó Noriega. ENDi

“Ella (la juez) tenía que tomar conocimiento judicial de que la persona que tramitó los documentos y facilitó su negociación fue hallado culpable”, señaló Noriega. ENDi

“Lo que se presentó fue una 'cintota' de evidencia, un carrete de evidencia, por eso es que no puede ser una juez de verdad”, insistió. Destacó que tan pronto dio a conocer su determinación de no causa, la juez se levantó y se fue demostrando su desconocimiento del Derecho. “No sabía que tenía que fijar la fecha de apelación”, dijo Cerezo. ENDi

Would Boricuas execute Rossello?

Saddam was executed this morning. While his death my symbolize revenge for some Iraqis, in my opinion he was dead a long time ago - politically and emotionally. He lost power and was in US custody for years. In his absence, Iraq has crumbled. His death wont solve any problems in Iraq, and will most likely worsen them.

But, I wonder whether Puerto Ricans would execute any of their ex leaders. I think not. Rossello may be a cabron, but I dont think anybody (at least any normal person) would want to see him dead. What do u think?

Friday, December 29, 2006

Banco Popular is anti-student

I've been a client of Banco Popular (BPPR) for 5 years, both in New York and in Puerto Rico. I've had a BPPR Icon Credit Card for a year and a half. I rarely use it, but when I do, I pay it ALL off within the month. My payment history is superb. Yesterday, I requested an increase on my credit line of $200 - from $300 to $500. I'm a law student and I have shell out alot of $$ at the beginning of each semester - tuition, books, etc. Plus, I believe I deserve it. I explained this to the BPPR rep. To my surprise, I was denied. When I asked why, the reason they gave me was that I didn't comply with the "income requirement." Well, duh!, I though to myself. SO, I tell them well of course I don't receive a 'traditional' income in the sense that I dont have a job simply because I am a full time law student. But I do receive loans of which I support myself throughout the year. They didnt seem to get the picture. I spoke to several people including one of the senior credit officials. She tells me that 2 months ago the rules regarding student credit cards changed - now everyone is required to generate some type of income. She also tells me that loans cant be counted as income since it isnt assured that I will continue to study. I tell her that it makes no sense, first, if i had an income how are they assured that I wont get fired or that Il keep the job? Second, I tell her that students concentrate on their studies and most of them dont have time to work. I tell her that graduate and professional students have even less time to work. She understood my concern but could do nothing for me - unless I had a guaranteer to cosign for me. Bull shit! Since I know the calls are recorded, I duly expressed myself. I told her to tell her boss that the BPPR is unfair and irrational. That they are anti-student and that I was going to take my business somewhere else.

BPPR has betrayed me. They can't work with me, so I wont work with them. I'm going to another bank!! Richard Carrion, I hope you get this!

Global warming is real

TORONTO, Ontario (AP) -- A giant ice shelf the size of 11,000 football fields has snapped free from Canada's Arctic, scientists said.

The mass of ice broke clear 16 months ago from the coast of Ellesmere Island, about 800 kilometers (497 miles) south of the North Pole, but no one was present to see it in Canada's remote north.

Scientists using satellite images later noticed that it became a newly formed ice island in just an hour and left a trail of icy boulders floating in its wake. (Watch the satellite images that clued in ice watchers) CNN

Global Warming is real. Al Gore was right. Something must be done.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thoughts on Law School

I wrapped up my 3rd semester of law school a couple of weeks ago. This semester was tough, but I was better prepared. However, I still feel that law school is one big weeding out process; a sort of survival of the fittest if you may. I'm pretty sure I'm going to make good grades this semester. My study method has improved and I am able to correlate theory with practice. Though, I have to admit that there are some professors who are out to get you. I had one of them this semester. He is purpotedly an authority in constitutional law, however, his exams are probably the toughest and most unjust exams you will ever take. The line b/w tough and unfair is thin. Anyways, these sorts of professors draft up exams with the intent to trick a student. That is way many fail. Others pass thanks to the curve. But, the fact that w/o the curve the majority of the students fail tells alot of the professor. You cant blame the student - we bust are asses studying, memorizing and pounding into our heads the material.

These kind of professors make me sick. Why do they make the exams so difficult. I mean, if a student doesnt study or take law school seriously, why should professors set out to punish them - thats what the bar exam is for. He who doesnt study seriously will suffer when he has to take the bar. Professors should just make sure that they get the information to us, and that we are able to manage though all of it. Students shouldnt be able to learn all the rules, execpetions, and exceptions to exceptions in 16 weeks.

It is messed up that a student busts his ass studying for an exam and when he gets there the one question he sees is the one question that the professor barely covered in class and the toughest topic of the material.

Also, I think its unfair that professors put so much value on one question. Example - 1 essay question is worth 40 points. And, I dont get why professors deduct points for gramatical errors or because you forget to put a word. This is where I lose alot of points - especially with my spanish.

I think grades in law school should be pass or fail. What difference is there between a student who makes an A and a student who makes a B? 1 point. Or one question.

Anyways, these are some of my thoughts thus far. There will be more.

No Causa Probable for Rossello

Hace unos minutos, la jueza Ada López Santiago encontró no causa para arresto contra el senador por Arecibo, Pedro Rosselló.

“Luego de un análisis ponderado y serio sobre la calidad de la evidencia y entendiendo que la evidencia es circunstancial… el Tribunal no determina causa”, dijo la jueza.El Nuevo Dia
Maybe the case was fabricated, as Rossello says; maybe he did it as the populares say. I really don't give a damn. I lost all respect for the Puerto Rican legal system and the political system a long time ago. But there's one thing that I must point out about the judge's reasoning. As a student of law, who just wrapped up a course on Criminal Procedure, I have to point out the judge is wrong. In the arrest hearing, the judge only determines that there is reasonable cause to arrest. The defense has to prove the absence of any evidence. In fact, the defense has to prove the absence of ALL evidence that points to a crime. In this case, there was no absence of ALL evidence. The judge said it here self: there is circumstantial evidence! This, my friends, is enough to find reasonable cause to arrest.

Also, it seems that the judge entered the merits of the case by saying what she did. Whether evidence is circumstantial or direct should be left up to a jury. Her job is to only find probable cause for arrest on some kind of evidence, no matter direct or circumstantial.

I believe this isnt the last we will hear from this case.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Y quieren mas!

Los legisladores cobran un sueldo mínimo de casi $74,000 anuales, que con las dietas y estipendio por el uso de automóvil, sobrepasa los $100,000. Cuentan con una ley que autoriza aumentos salariales automáticos cada cuatro años.

De acuerdo con estadísticas de salarios anuales del Departamento del Trabajo federal, los legisladores puertorriqueños ganan más del doble del ingreso promedio anual de parlamentarios a nivel de todo Estados Unidos....

Insistió que el alza salarial no es un asunto promovido por la presente Legislatura ya que el aumento automático fue aprobado en la Cámara de Representantes bajo la incumbencia de Edison Misla Aldarrondo, y en el Senado, por Charlie Rodríguez.
Puerto Rican legislators get paid the most out of all state legislators in the US...and now they want a pay raise! And to top it off, the PNPs are referring to a law that was approved by the former president of the house who is now in jail! idiots!

Friday, December 08, 2006

SAN JUAN (AP) - Justice Secretary Roberto Sánchez Ramos agreed Thursday to wait for former Gov. Pedro Rosselló in order to present charges against him with the condition that he appear in court next week.Puerto Rico WOW!
Why is he out of the island anyways? Isn't the Legislature in session?

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Tax Break for US companies

SAN JUAN (AP) – Congress could consider this week, in its last days of the 2006 session, two measures to extend the increase in the reimbursement of the federal tax to imported rum and a tax reduction to a dozen of U.S. manufacturers in Puerto Rico.

Resident Commissioner Luis Fortuño said the intention of the Republicans appears to be to approve this week the package of initiatives that extends tax benefits, which include the continuation until 2007 of the increase in the reimbursement of the rum tax.

It will also include the validity of the amendment to Section 199 that adds Puerto Rico in a reduction of the tax rate of U.S. manufacturers, according to published reports.

This is bull crap. The gov't of PR has imposed a 7% sales tax on the people, but are pushing for re-approval of a tax break for US companies operating on the island. Total BS!

Rossello to be charged!

Antes de que termine esta semana, los fiscales del Departamento de Justicia radicarán cargos criminales contra el ex gobernador Pedro Rosselló por apropiación ilegal agravada, falsificación de documentos y aprovechamiento de un cargo público, relacionados al caso de su pensión. ENDI

It's about time! While we're at it, we should charge him for not paying the sales tax (you know, the one he approved). It's too bad being a mother fucker (un cabrón) isn't a crime, b/c Rossello would have gotten the book thrown at him!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Chu in FRANCE!

This is me in front of the Eiffel Tower during Los Renuentes trip to France back in September, 2006. Our presentation was great and the experience of being in the city of love was superb! Check out more pics of my trip to Paris.

Los Renuentes on MySpace

Check out my band's myspace page: Los Renuentes. There you'll find audio and video clips, and a list of upcoming gigs. Enjoy!

PIP Need more Candidates

Si el Partido Independentista Puertorriqueño (PIP) quiere nutrirse del Fondo Electoral para sufragar las campañas de sus aspirantes a la Legislatura, debería promover, al menos, dos candidatos para cada uno de los cuerpos de la Asamblea Legislativa. ENDI

Although I don't agree with is underlying purpose, I do agree with the comment that the PIP needs more candidates. And, I would add that they need NEW candidates. The same 3 or 4 people running every 4 years just doesnt cut it.


Chavez won 61 percent, while Manuel Rosales, a governor of an oil-producing province who united the opposition, trailed with 38 percent after 78 percent of the vote had been counted, the National Electoral Council said. Reuters

Who ever doubted him is an idiot. Who ever thought that other guy was gonna win, is an even bigger idiot.


Friday, December 01, 2006

I have returned!

Im back baby. Last time I was here, lets see, I think it was August and school was starting. Anyways, let me briefly catch up with my readers:

In Septemeber, I was in France playing with my band Los Renuentes. Amazing experience. Check out the pics here

In October: Well, mostly I was catching up on my school work. Also, since we've been back from France, los Reneuentes hace been gigging almost every weekend. We are getting pretty big.

November: went to Tampa for thanksgiving. Have begun studying for my finals.

As for politics, well Puerto Rico politics suck!! Politicians are corrupt. There was the HEctor Martinez, Lorna Soto and Coquito scandal! The sales tax was implementated and Rossello and his decided not to pay it. (and theyre the ones who approved it - jerks!)

Anyways, enough with politics, the biggest news is Los Renuentes. We have a demo and were on TV the other day - Contigo on TUTV. We also have a myspace -

Keep it real.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Racism in Puerto Rico

For those of you who refuse to accept that racism exists in Puerto Rico, go check out the photos of the Puerto Rican senators.

PNP Senators
PDP Senators
PIP Senators

Puerto Rico is a mulatto nation, but not one senator is mulatto or black. The european descent, mostly white people still rule. Something ain't right!

Lorna Soto Corrupt!

Antes de ser legisladora, la senadora del Partido Nuevo Progresista (PNP) Lornna Soto devengaba salarios promedio de $30,000 anuales provenientes de contratos con los municipios de Loíza y San Juan.

La página de registros de contratos de la Oficina del Contralor en internet indica que en el 2003 Soto ganó $31,515 anuales y $27,000 en el 2004 por contratos de consultoría administrativa con el Municipio de Loíza y el Departamento de Salud de San Juan.

Antes de eso, Soto se desempeñó en trabajos no muy remunerados, como ayudante del representante Iván Figueroa y como relacionista pública del alcalde de Fajardo, Aníbal Meléndez, y del ex alcalde de Río Grande, Emilio Rosa Pachecho.

Las finanzas de Soto están bajo la mirilla de las autoridades desde antes de la muerte del presunto narcotraficante José "Coquito" López.

En junio de 2005, agentes del Negociado Federal de Investigaciones (FBI) llegaron de sorpresa a su oficina y le pidieron información acerca de sus finanzas.

El dato más llamativo de sus informes financieros es que el 30 de diciembre de 2004, antes de devengar su sueldo actual de $73,775 (sin incluir sus dietas que sumaron $41,100 el año pasado), Soto adquirió una residencia por $305,400 en la urbanización River Gardens de Canóvanas. El Nuevo Día supo que esa residencia tasó cerca de $370,000.

Un oficial hipotecario y varios contables aseguran que Soto debía tener ingresos de $7,500 mensuales con un mínimo de deudas de $1,000 para poder cualificar para comprar esa residencia. En el pasado, la senadora ha dicho públicamente que no existen irregularidades en sus finanzas y que sus expedientes están abiertos al escrutinio público. El Nuevo Dia
So, Soto was making a middle class, roughly $30,000 income but bought a house that cost over $300,000. Damn, talk about corruption. Where is the money coming from? That plus her connection with the "underwold" equals jail time. Shes screwed. Something smells fishy and the FBI are on it.

So, if you see this lady on the street, be sure to express your views about her.

PR Airport on High Alert......but why?!

SAN JUAN (AP) – The Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport increased its alert level Thursday from yellow to orange after U.S. authorities took similar measures in all the U.S. airports due to the closing of London’s Heathrow Airport, the busiest in Europe. Puerto Rico Wow
First of all, muslim radicals don't hate Puerto Rico. I'll be surprised if the even know where Puerto Rico is. This island has no enemies, except maybe dominicans and right-wing republican puerto ricans who migrate to the US. Secondly, I think the biggest threat to the LMM Airport are the pissed of drivers who have to wait in a tapón at a terminal because some jerk decided to park in the middle of the road.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Puerto Rican Barney

Funny as hell!

Another Slap in the face by the FBI!

WASHINGTON - La Oficina del Inspector General (OIG) del Departamento de Justicia de Estados Unidos determinó que hubo deficiencias en la forma en que el FBI desarrolló el controvertido operativo del 23 de septiembre de 2005 en que se dio muerte al líder independentista Filiberto Ojeda Rios.

Pese a que la OIG encuentra razonable la conducta del FBI en el allanamiento de Hormigueros y no recomienda sanciones contra nadie, critica al actual director del FBI en San Juan, Luis Fraticelli, por entender que pudo haber estado mejor preparado para ese operativo.
Damn the FBI! So they say there were deficiencies in the operations and the the FBI didn't pick the 23 of september on purpose. No one is getting punished,the FBI gets away with shit and Puerto Ricans continues to be treated like dogs. Fuck the FBI!

Los Renuentes on You tube

Los Renuentes

Check out my band. This is an intro to a DVD a friend of mine made.

Thoughts on Cuba

Cuba has been in the news lately ever since Fidel had surgery and relinquished his power to his brother, Raul. However, I really don't think this issue is such a big deal as the media makes it out to be. We all know Fidel is old. Sh*t he's been old for years now. But, he's also been in power for years. What I mean by this is that his influence on Cuban society goes beyond his power. Yes, he may have absolute power but remember he's been preaching socialism and anti-american imperialism rhetoric for almost 50 years now. The majority of Cubans in Cuba were born and raised in this regime. And the older folks there are primarily those who supported him and the revolution.

So, even if Fidel relinquishes power or evenutally dies, post-revolution Cuban society will continue. If Fidel dies, Raul will take over; if Raul dies, Alarcon will take over; if Alarcon dies, another hard-core socialist will take over. The point I'm making here is that Fidel is not Cuba.

Cuba without Fidel will remain a Cuba with Fidel's principles. It's ingrained in their society and changing that way of thinking will be difficult and take years. Miami-Cubans think that once Fidel is gone, they can easily walk into Cuba and take over. As I learned from my trip to Cuba in 2003, that isn't going to happen.

What I can tell you, though, is that when Fidel dies and when the Miami Cubans try to take over, there will be war. Rest assure on that. Those socialist Cubans in Cuba won't relinquish power that easily.

Check out My Pics from My trip to Cuba.

F*ck the FBI!!

FBI exonerates its agents

SAN JUAN (AP) – The FBI concluded that its agents did not use excessive force nor violated the civil rights of reporters during the raid in the residence of a pro-independence supporter on Feb. 10 in Río Piedras.

The internal investigations section of the FBI determined that its agents,
who sprayed pepper spray, pushed, and kicked reporters, did not break any federal laws or public policy or ordinary procedures of the agency, according to published reports. Puerto Rico Wow
That mothaf*ckin FBI! The proof of abuse are in the photos and video captured by news stations and seen throughout Puerto Rico and the US. Even the damn FBI admits, as I note in bold letters, that their agents pepper sprayed and kicked journalists. If that isn't abuse of power, than what is?! How do you explain the photo above from that day. That's a damn FBI agent pepper spraying a photographer!!

This is just another example of the lack of respect the FBI has for Puerto Rico and its people. F*ck the colonial status and F*ck the FBI! I hope you damn FBI agents are reading this!!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

$465 for being a New Yorker!

I went to pay my bill today for classes and, low and behold, I find out that I'm being charged $465 because I'm a resident of New York. What the fudge!! I was pissed, until I learned how much a Californian resident has to pay - $2000.

Woes at the UPR!

I've think I said it before, but I'll say it again - the UPR administration sucks!! Today I went to confirm my classes and pay my bill. I needed to make changes to my shcedule because of an administrative error. But, like always, no one knew anything, no one knew who could help me, no one knew nothing!

When I finally found someone to help me, she turned bitchy on me. First, she doesnt say Good Morning. Then, she gets angry because she asks me how I would pay and I told her "well, from my pocket, but I'm mad because I have a federal stafford loan that should cover all my tuition costs." So then shes like, "well, you shouldnt complain because you would have paid a lot more in the US." And then I'm like "well, at least in the US they give us our scholarships and loans in time so that we can pay for our education." Besides, isn't that why people take out loans.
So then she calls me irresponsible and I had to lay it straight to her. First of all, remember, I was there trying to change an error that the UPR made, not me. Second of all, she gets angry at me because I say that the UPR needs to improve their system because it is unjust. And then she says in a nasty voice "theres no injustice here." So, I'm like, "you're right, theres just ineptitud and lack of common sense at the UPR" Me irresponsible, shit, you better shut up bitch. And then she tells me that I have to pay $465 for being from New York - some sort of cuota. Damnit!

Anyways, I told her a few things and she got pissed she she fixed my error in a hurry and off I went.

And so begins another year at the UPR.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Shoot First Laws

In the last year, 15 states have enacted laws that expand the right of self-defense, allowing crime victims to use deadly force in situations that might formerly have subjected them to prosecution for murder.

Thanks to this sort of law, a prostitute in Port Richey, Fla., who killed her 72-year-old client with his own gun rather than flee was not charged last month. Similarly, the police in Clearwater, Fla., did not arrest a man who shot a neighbor in early June after a shouting match over putting out garbage, though the authorities say they are still reviewing the evidence.
New York Times
It's funny how in these states a man can get away with shooting his neighbor over a garbage bag dispute. But seriously, what's interesting about these laws is that most of the 15 states that passed them are in the South. It goes to show that the old Confederacy continues to have ethical problems....and they value guns and property over human life.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Miss Universe.....Miss Puerto Rico!

It's official, again. Puerto Rico has the most beutiful woman in the universe!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Props to Santini

SAN JUAN (AP) - San Juan Mayor Jorge Santini promised Tuesday to invest $10 million in the maintenance of green areas with the funds produced from the 1% sales tax that will begin in the capital Aug. 1.

According to Santini, the $10 million will be used for the
creation of gardens and fountains, as well as the maintenance of areas that the central government allegedly has abandoned.

''This money will be used in improvements in services, infrastructure, solid waste collection and disposal, and security, to mention some,” he added.

Santini also said it would serve to equip the Baldorioty de Castro, Roosevelt, Américo Miranda, Barbosa, Kennedy, Ponce de León, and Fernández Juncos avenues, as well as Puerta de Tierra, Condado, and 65th Infantry, among others. PR Wow
My job as a blogger is to critique the politicians and policies of Puerto Rican politicians no matter what party they are from. However, occasionally I find that a politician finally does something positive that I agree with. This is one of those occasions.

Santini has done 2 good things in this proposal that I must point out. First, he has earmarked how the funds from the municipal tax will be used (a tax that everyone detests). Secondly, he has earmarked the funds for a good cause,i.e., green space! In an island of cement, that is exactly what we need! Good job Santini.

The Proof is in the pudding!

FAJARDO (AP) – The migration of Puerto Ricans abroad does not appear to be a crisis to Gov. Aníbal Acevedo Vilá since he said that there are no scientific studies that corroborate it. PR Wow
Scientific proof!!!!! Motha fucka Acevedo Vila! Go to NYC, to Orlando, to Chicago, to New Jersey. Thats were the damn proof is.

Friday, July 14, 2006

The Telephone Arrives in Puerto Rico..what?!

SAN JUAN (AP) – Even though it was invented in the 1870s and it is normal to see one in Puerto Rican homes, some 23 families of El Perol sector, an isolated community of the municipality of Florida, did not have telephones in their homes until Thursday.
You gotta be kidding me. What have they been doing all this time. Well, better late than never, I guess.

PRTC privatizing, again

Senate President Kenneth McClintock and Senate Vice President Orlando Parga—who is also chairman of the Senate Federal & Consumer Affairs Committee on Thursday asked the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in Washington D.C. to look into the sale of the Puerto Rico Telephone (PRT), which in their opinion, is ill-advised and might give way to monopolistic practices on the island. PR WOW
The sell of the majority of the shares of the Puerto Rican Telephone Company by Rosello was one of the worst things ever done to Puerto Ricans. Now, a Mexican based company is going to buy the remaining shares, and by that, finishing the privatization of la telefonica.

I agree with McClintock and Parga. But, I think there argument might not work. It is too similar to the argument used against WalMart when it bought Amigo Supermarkets a few years back. The Monopoly route might not work.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Funny Political Pics

"I have this many friends."

Puerto Rico in 5th Place!!

Si la Isla apareciera como una jurisdicción independiente a Estados Unidos en los datos de la Interpol, ocuparíamos el lugar número quinto entre los países de mayor incidencia de homicidios.

Según la demógrafa Judith Rodríguez, miembro de Coprevi, las estadísticas de la Policía reflejan que entre el 2000 y el 2004 se registraron 3,800 homicidios en el país, siendo el 2004 el año en que más se reportaron, con 793. Sin embargo, el clímax de esta problemática fue en 1994, cuando se llegaron a registrar 1,017 homicidios.
El Nuevo Dia
Come on boricuas, we can't settle for fifth place. We need to aim higher. Next year lets try to take home first place honors. Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico!

Friday, July 07, 2006

No more barriles!

AÑASCO – El gobernador Aníbal Acevedo Vilá afirmó ayer que no le dará paso a la creación de un nuevo sistema de barril que permita a los legisladores de distrito asignar fondos a su antojo.

“De mi parte, que sepan que mi firma no lo van a tener. Para proyectos de mejoras permanentes para los municipios sí, pero el concepto de que el legislador de distrito por su cuenta aprueba lo que le da la gana, eso no existe en nuestra Constitución”, subrayó el Gobernador.
I agree. For those of you who dont know what this is, barriles are monies set aside to give away to citizens as donations to repair a roof, the floor, put up a fence, or things of that nature. But, given legislators money to give away as "donations" opens the door to corruption, and history has proven that. It's no surprise that a legislators and his closest friends and supporters are well off.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Another unicameral debate

SAN JUAN (AP) – Though he firmly believes in the bicameral system, Senate President Kenneth McClintock said Wednesday that the Legislative Assembly has the obligation to favor ''the best amendment possible that stipulates for a unicameral system” of 39 members.

For the Senate leader, a unicameral system should be integrated by 39 members: four legislators for each of the eight legislative districts and seven legislators by accumulation.

The Bar Association proposed the implementation of a unicameral system of 51 legislators to begin Jan. 2, 2009. PR Wow
How about we eliminate legislators by accumulation. Who do they respond to? Who do they represent? I'll tell you; they are just spots for political parties to increase their numbers. Legislators by accumulation are undemocratic.

Other than that, I like the idea of a unicameral system. I also think that it should be a parliamentary system in which seats are won by percantage of votes recieved at the polls. For example, if PPD wins 48%, they should get 48% of the seats. Likewise, if PIP get 5%, they should get 5% of the seats. This system is used in France, Germany and many other developed countries in the world.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Lopez Obrador in the Lead!

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Mexico's leftist presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador had an early, narrow lead over his conservative rival on Wednesday in a recount of a contested election.

Results on display at the Federal Electoral Institute showed Lopez Obrador had 37.05 percent of the vote with results in from 36.6 percent of polling stations. Ruling party candidate Felipe Calderon was second with 34.38 percent.
Yahoo! News
Lopez Obrador, my candidate, is in the lead so far.

Politicians Crossing their Legs

Why do politicians cross their legs when they talk to other politicians? Does it make them more sophisticated...or more gay!?

Monday, July 03, 2006

He fought the law...And the Law won

SAN JUAN (AP) – The Supreme Court ordered Monday House Speaker José Aponte to send the original tax reform bill to the governor for his signature and implementation.

After indicating that ''we live in a constitutional code where the law prevails and not individual wishes”, The Supreme Court granted Aponte 24 hours to ''comply with his ministerial duty” of signing the measure that establishes a 7% sales tax. PR Wow
The Supreme Court of PR just struck a blow to the pompous president of the House, Jose Aponte. Apparrently he has ordered an urgent House session to discuss the decision. But what is he going to propose? Is he going to stick to his "principles" and "desacatar" like he said a few days ago? Or is he going to cop out like the blow horn chicken that he is? He talked the talk, now let's see him walk the walk.

Pipiolos: To the Beaches!

SAN JUAN (AP) – Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP) Secretary General Juan Dalmau announced that his party will visit the beaches Tuesday to campaign for independence.PR Wow
Ah, the beaches. The best place to get booty.....I mean voters. I imagine that the first thing people want to see at the beach on their off day, with their family, and hanging 10, is a group of political sympathizers trying to sell you their ideology. What a move! (*let me emphasize my sarcacism as I post this*)

Show me the money!

''Puerto Rico is a very broad, very deep economy, and there is much wealth. That is a reality,'' Padilla said in a radio interview.

Total assets in the local financial system add to more than $200 billion. The brokerage houses manage on the island between $25 billion and $27 billion, and the cooperatives have assets of $6.5 billion, he said.

He emphasized that the casinos generate ''a lot of millions of dollars'', and the horse racing bets also move a lot of money. These figures, including the lottery’s, are not included in the statistics of monetary movement of his office. PR Wow
What the..? Then why are we in an economic crisis? Oh yeah that's right, all that money isn't taxed and goes straight back into US hands. This is news that calls for a "show me the money" shout.

Woes of the Sales Tax

SAN JUAN (AP) – More than half a million Puerto Ricans began to pay Saturday a municipal tax between 1% and 1.5% for all the products and services acquired in several towns of the island.PR WOW
Yesterday I did some grocery shopping at the 24 hour Grande Supermarkets in Isla Verde. The 1% sales tax had just gotten into affect the day before and it was obvious that Puerto Ricans were new to charging taxes. In my case, the cashier, a young girl about 16 or 17 yrs old, accidentally rung up my groceries with the person in front of me. She was like "Oh its ok, ill just subtract his items from yours and get the difference." That would have worked had there not been a tax. But she failed to take into account the tax. So I told her "Wait a minute, that wont work because you have to take into consideration the tax." She didnt understand. So both of us added the total by cellphone and each of us got a different number. There was a difference of about $4 and change. The manager came over and was like "oh that difference is the tax." And I was like "No it isnt. The tax is only 1% and it is impossible that that tax would come up to be $5 from a $5o total." So, we ended up passing all of my groceries again, and 45 minutes later, guess whos total was the correct one? Exactly, mine!

And so begins the woes of the sales tax. I wonder how many people will be cheated for a few cents here and there, or how much money the store may lose from their inexperience with dealing with a tax.

Friday, June 30, 2006

His was this BIG!

The poor in PR make more $ than the working class?

I've been working at the Municipio de Aguas Buenas Dept of Housing for the past month. It's a fun job and at times a humbling experience. We deal mostly with the poor, single mothers. However, every now and then we see a case where all at the office are left with their mouths wide open. Today we were reviewing a case of a single mother who receives social security,and has a part time job, which together amounts to $901. On top of that she receives section 8 housing aid and medicaid. A regular employee here at the office makes roughly $600 a month after taxes. Plus they have to pay mortgages and car loans. Thus, the poor single mother, who recieves full gov't aid and has a part time job makes rouhgly $3oo more than a municipal gov't employee. Is it me, or is this f*cked up.

Schools fight back agsints recruiters

SAN JUAN (AP) – Starting in August, public school students will have the benefit of receiving orientation by representatives of the pacifist movement to counteract the campaign of military recruiters.PR Wow!
What a good move by the secretary of education. That's what I'm talking about. Get those damn recruiters to stop telling lies to high school kids - "an army of one; be all that you can be." Bull crap!.

Legislature gets one right!

I have to admit that I constantly bash the PR legislature for their inactivity, apathy and total disregard for the peoples problems. However, I also believe that when someone does something right, they should get their due respect.

A couple of months ago, the legislature passed a law that prohibited cars from cruising on the emergency lane. And let me say that it has worked! The emergency lane is open, and it seems that tapones are moving more efficiently. Not only have they passed a good law, but they have been enforcing it as well. And the results are starting to make themselves apparent.

Good job legislature. You finally got one right.

Aponte has principles?

SAN JUAN (AP) – House Speaker José Aponte said Thursday he was willing to defy any decision the Supreme Court issues ordering him to sign the original version of the tax reform bill.

''I am not going to sign a document that is not what the House approved [amended] Tuesday,'' he said in an improvised press conference.

The House leader said that his principles and values are above the Constitution.
The President of the House says that his principles are above the Constitution. If that were the case, then why is he in office. Why not resign. And, why did he swear to uphold the constitution if he's not going to do it?

I'd just like to know what priniciples exactly is he willing to defend? His own? Rossellos? Or is he just a little arrogant and embarrased that he accidentally sigined into law a bill that favors a Popular plan? I dont think this guy is very intelligent. You can't just take back a law and amend it after the you approved it and sent it off to the Senate. And what about his legal advisors, didnt they advise him to stop? Probably not. I should know because one of his advisors was a professor of mine - and he sucked!

Shoot, the only people I know of who say that their principles are above the ELA constitution are hardcore independentistas and nacionalistas. And they don't vote or participate in electoral politics in PR. Maybe thats what Aponte should do - resign and live a clandesinte life. And on top of that, the Senate is against him, the Supreme Court will rule against him and soon, the voters will vote against him.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

SAN JUAN (EFE) – San Juan Mayor Jorge Santini blamed Gov. Aníbal Acevedo Vilá on Thursday for making him impose a tax on the hotels of the capital for the unequal treatment his municipality receives...

"No one likes to impose taxes; I don’t wish to have to recur to the charge of this special municipal contribution on the occupants of hotels in the capital, but the central government has taken us to make the decision. Acevedo Vilá and [Tourism Co. Executive Director] Terestella González Denton prevented the municipality of Carolina from imposing the same tax that we propose today for San Juan," Santini said. PR WOW

What a punk. Man, that's like a guy telling his girlfriend "you made me cheat on you baby." Santini is such a wuss. He should have just said, "my bad administration of funds has led me to impose a tax on the tourism industry" or "that damn tourism industry, they make so much money and give nothing to the government. Its time they pay their fair share." And besides, what is he whining for; San Juan gets better, and probably the best, treatment from the central government then any other municipality in Puerto Rico.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Updates on the Tren Urbano

SAN JUAN (AP) – With the first anniversary of the start of charging for the use of the Urban Train, the number of people that use it as part of their daily routine does not reach 40% of the expectations that its planners outlined.

The train transported over seven million passengers this year, for an average of 24,975 passengers during weekdays and 10,133 on weekends.

well, duh! everyone and the mother predicted this.
"Once the city is rebuilt around the transportation system, this will help us achieve our goal of 115,000 passengers," Transportation and Public Works Secretary Gabriel Alcaraz said in published reports.
Once the city is rebuilt?! That's going to take years! Damn, I guess the Tren Urbano is never going to be fully funcional.

A former New York University student pleaded guilty to bank and wire fraud Tuesday, admitting he used his student ID and expertly forged documents to pose as the heir to a billionaire Turkish family and trick investors into pouring millions into a nonexistent hedge fund.Yahoo News

First that girl from Harvard who plagarized. Now this kid from NYU who defrauded millions from hundreds of people. And they say the Ivy Leagues produce Americas top students. More like America's top crooks.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Medicine threatened by the lawyers?

PONCE (AP) – Puerto Rico Surgeons Association President Marissel Velázquez said Saturday that most pediatric surgeons refuse to do procedures for fear of being caught in malpractice lawsuits.

This is why I disliked my extracontractual class (torts). In Puerto Rico, as in anywhere in the US, anybody can sue for just about anything. And the doctors have it the worst. Patients expect them to perform miracles, and when they don't - lawsuit! Is our nation to trigger happy with the law?

Friday, June 02, 2006

In Tampa

In Tampa for the week. The city sucks, but the family is cool. Plus, I got my girl with me.

Last Exam

Dazed. Angered. Exhausted. There were people who cried. Others cursed. There were those with worried looks. No one was happy. After four hours teeth crunching questions on property law, noone seemed to want to do anything but go home, relax and think, and rethink the answer and choices, and why they were even there in the first place. And so ends our first year of law school.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Puerto Rico Celebrates Dependence Day!

Mad Funny article on The Onionwebsite. The caption reads "Puerto Rico Celebrates Dependence Day. LOL

The New Migration?

“Aquí hay inseguridad de empleo”, dice José, quien llevaba 14 años como celador de líneas en la Autoridad de Energía Eléctrica (AEE). “Allá voy a tener mejor paga y mejores beneficios”, añade, y apunta que de $17.95 por hora que devengaba en su trabajo comenzará ganando $25 por hora en MiamiEndi

Recently, the El Nuevo Dia has been publishing articles about Puerto Ricans migrating to the US. I don't doubt that with the economic crisis, many have left or are thinking of leaving. But then again, the economy of the island has always sucked and Puerto Ricans have always been migrating. Many migrate looking for work, others for the so called American dream, and others for better pay, like in the case of Jose.

But, I just have to say that those who leave for better pay, when they already get paid well, is a little greedy. $17.95 an hour is great pay for Puerto Rico and even great pay for the US. So Jose is leaving his homeland, his family, his life, just for making a few bucks more an hour? What Jose doesn't know, as dont many Puerto Ricans, is that a worker gets paid more, but they also spend a whole lot more too. Higher prices, higher rent, higher insurance and taxes on everything (State and federal). So in the long run, we must ask ourselves if Jose will be better off.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Amazing Vehicular Statistics in PR

Check out these numbers as the new "No Driving in the Emergency Lane Law" comes into effect tomorrow.
$25 multa vigente por uso ilegal del paseo

$250 nueva multa por uso ilegal del paseo, a partir de mañana

2.5 millones automóviles registrados en el País

150 autos por milla cuadrada pavimentada, la densidad más alta del mundo

3.2 millones viajes particulares por día generados por 1.4 millones de residentes de la zona metropolitana

200,000 automóviles nuevos que circulan anualmente por las carreteras de la Isla

Fuente: Comisión para la Seguridad en el Tránsito via

Quote of the Hour - Isaiah Berlin

"El primer requisito para la libertad - la independencia, la conciencia de uno mismo como un igual ciudadano del mundo - es ser capaz de hablar con la propia voz; es mejor el disparate en la propia voz que cosas sabias destiladas de la experiencia de otros"
Isaiah Berlin

Monday, May 22, 2006

English, the Official language of the US

So we've all heard by now that the US has passed a couple of bills making English the official language of the US. You know what that means for Puerto Ricans: No Jibaro Statehood!

So, an entire political party is threatened by this proclamation and the PNP's are pissing in their pants. They have no argument now....Good!

I guess this means that if Puerto Rico wants to be a state, we have to speak English (at least in government, schools, business). No problem for me, I'm a Neo-Rican. But I feel for the 80% + of boricuas who don't know english.

Chu in Cuba, Jan. 2003

This is me in Cuba back in January of 2003. I was in a club somewhere in Pinar de Rio province, west of La Habana. The club was packed and it had no roof. Boy did I dance!

Church and State?

"La Iglesia tiene un rol profético y, después que no entre en cuestiones partidistas ni políticas, tiene que hacerlo porque es su compromiso con la gente, con el pueblo. Así que muchas veces la actuación de la Iglesia puede ser mal interpretada, pero la Iglesia tiene que hacer su rol"
Angel Marcial, obispo de la Iglesia de Dios Mission Board

In Puerto Rico, the Church plays a huge role. Just a week and half ago they put a stop on the govenrment shutdown by making politicians sitdown and talk. Over 80% of Puerto Ricans are catholic. But on the other side, I do believe in separation of church and state and that is the principle that reigns here. What do you guys think about this issue?

I've been studying my ass off for the last 2 weeks, and I still have another week and a half to go. I just got down with my Family Law exam. It was four hours of hell. But I feel good. I took my Criminal Law exam last week and I made a B. True. Last Friday we had our Torts Exam. That shit was the hardest exam I've taken in my life. I'm still in shock.

Message to all you wannabe law students: Say goodbye to your life!

Just kidding. Law is fun, tough, but rewarding.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Rossello, you better watch your back.

SAN JUAN (EFE) – Chief of Staff Aníbal José Torres announced Wednesday that Gov. Aníbal Acevedo Vilá has decided to eliminate police details for government officials, including former governors and police superintendents...

Police details assigned to former governors will be reduced by 50% starting Aug. 30, prior to its total elimination by Dec. 31...

According to Toledo, former governors Pedro Rosselló and Sila Calderón each have 14 police bodyguards; just as many officers as the island municipality of Culebra.

Former governors Rafael Hernández Colón and Carlos Romero Barceló each have 13 bodyguards. Berríos and Ferré have two.

Former Police superintendents Agustín Cartagena and Miguel Pereira each have seven bodyguards.
No more bodyguards paid for by the people of Puerto Rico. And Rossello's time in Puerto Rico is once again threatened and shortened. Besides, why the heck do you 14 bodyguarads? Oh that's right, you stole, lied, cheated the people back when you were governor, and now your undemocratically in a senatorial seat getting paid for doing nothing and creating crisis just cause. Punk.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

1L No More

Today was my last day of my first year in law school. It feels good, let me tell you. Though I still have finals the next 2 weeks, I have to say that I feel proud and succesful. Many people who started with me have dropped out, others are on that path. It was hard sticking to the path. My nerves from the first semester were tough to overcome. As second semester started I wondered why I had come back, but this semester has been a little easier though tough nonetheless. There is no doubt that my perspective on life has changed. I am more educated, questioning everything I see, read and hear, taking everything with a grain of salt. I understand all this legal jargon and am even prepared to consult on certain topics. I have matured indedd. I am no longer a rookie, no longer a novice. I am 1L no more!

This crisis is suppossedly over.
The ENDi survey says that a shared government doesn't work.
The Dept of Ed is going to be penalized by the Fed government.
My first year of law school ended.
Bush is building a wall.

These are just some of the headlines since last week.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Jamaicanization in Puerto Rico

A lot of Puerto Rican youth are into reggae roots music (not to be confused with reggaeton). I like the music of these groups including Cultura Profetica. But it seems that the same people who like this music and are into the whole rastafari culture are also feverent anti-americans. Well, at least they are against Americanization (anti multinational corporations, etc). These are the same people we see on TV protesting Burger King, and writing graffiti on the walls exhalting Puerto Rican independence.

But isn't Jamaicanization just as bad as Americanization? I mean, we get mad at americanization for trying to erase our roots but yet it is ok to grow dreadlocks and have posters of bob marley in our homes. The fact of the matter is that both americanization and jamaicanization involve copying another nation's culture. The fact that Jamaica is a caribbean island doesn't make copying its culture better.

Is there some double standard on our island that says it bad to copy America but okay to love Jamaica? What about Puerto Rico? Why not copy Puerto Ricans; why not say Puerto Ricanization is the best way to go? I mean, with a country that has produced a rich culture that includes rhythms from Africa, Europe and the Tainos, why do we need to look anywhere else?

Puerto Rico Crisis Day 5

Today is day 5 of the government shutdown. Legislators are working to resolve things, the governor is working to negotiate and the Senate has passed a bill that would seem to resolve things. But the buck stops at the House. Why is it that Aponte, the president of the House, thinks that he is the president of Puerto Rico? Who does he really represent?

I don't think the patience of the people will last much longer. Debts are accumulating, local businesses are getting affected, sales are down, kids having been to school in a waeek. Teachers have been protesting all day in front of the Capitolio, this on Teacher's Day.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

1, 2, 3, Break!

The South American Union devising a plan to invade the US.

Puerto Rico Crisis Update - Day 4

Primera Hora reports that now the Governer has 10 PNP legislators willing to vote for his proposal. Primera Hora

The Chamber has yet to approve a bill to resolve the crisis. El Nuevo Dia

Chamber party spokesmen are meeting with Chamber President in negotiations. El Nuevo Dia

Senate approves the 5.9% sales tax. The Governor believes that such a measure can solve the crisis if only approved by the Chamber. El Nuevo Dia

A teachers union protest is planned for Friday. General and Electric Worker unions are joining in. El Nuevo Dia

Truckers have begun to protest in front of the Capital. Meanwhile unions and PPD Mayors continue a 4th day of protest camps. El Nuevo Dia

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

"Dueña y Señora" - PR's New Novela

Sin ocultar la emoción que provoca el comienzo de una nueva era en la historia de las telenovelas en Puerto Rico, el elenco de la producción “Dueña y señora” desfiló ayer por la alfombra roja en una concurrida actividad realizada en las instalaciones de Telemundo PR una hora antes del estreno de la referida telenovela, que revive el taller de este género a nivel nacional luego de quince años.El Vocero
Chu's opinión: It sucks!

Yes its true, yesterday I watched the debut (with my novia) of "Dueña y Señora," a novela purely Puerto Rican, made here w/ Puerto Rican actors. The novela is obviously low budget, with horrible editing and cheesy novela music. The story line was all over the place with some guy being shot in the head by a would be assasin and some lady wondering whether her daughter died naturally or was killed. And of course, there was a love story - engaged guy wants to leave his fiance and get with this other girl but his parents dont approve.

Let me also mention that all the actors are white. There was one guy who resembled a Puerto Rican (he looked like a salsa singer from the 70's), but all the others looked like they can be from any country in Europe or the Americas. What bothered me most was the scene in Plaza Mercado de Rio Piedras. First of all, those type of people (white, nicely dressed, middle to upper class typical Guaynabo girl) don't visit Plaza MErcado and are rarely even in el casco (donwtown) Rio Piedras. The other guy in the scene(white, nicely dressed, looked like a fashion model) who supposedly owned a fruit stand in the Plaza and was hitting on the girl, don't exist in Plaza. Most if not all the visitors to Plaza Mercado are dark skinned, middle to lower class people and immigrants; son gente de pueblo. Most if not all the owners of the fruit stands are Dominican.

So, my point here is that the novela doesn't represent Puerto Rican society. It's just like all other novelas from Latin America, in which the protagonists, antoagonists and most of the supporting actors are white, upper class people. Where were the brownies, with curly hair a flat nose; where was the typical humble jibaro spirt man who wears guayaberas; where were the reggaeton youth? Where were the Puerto Ricans?

Then again, as my girlfriend said, should we even expect any of this from novelas. It's all about the benjamins anyways, no?...

Puerto Rico Crisis Update II

Puerto Rico has entered its 2nd day of government shutdown. Protests are being planned. People are getting desperate, Lines at the unemployment office are getting longer. There have been rumors that a deal could be made by mid-day today. But then again, Rossello is back on the island, and he has already stated that he will not give in to the governors wishes.PRWow

The Senate did not attend the issue. Do they even care?El Vocero

Yesterday Puerto Rican youth clashed with police.El Vocero

Puerto Rico in the US Senate

April 26, 2006 -
U.S. Senators Mel Martinez (R-FL) and Ken Salazar (D-CO) today introduced the Puerto Rico Democracy Act of 2006 – a bill to assist Puerto Rico in a decision-making process about its territorial status.

“Since 1898 when the US was ceded Puerto Rico, the status of the island has presented a dilemma for people both on the island and here on the mainland. The legislation introduced today is simply the beginning of a process whereby Puerto Ricans will, themselves, determine the ultimate status of the island,” Martinez said. “I believe the best way to approach this is to leave this question firmly in the hands of a democratic process.”

“This bill, introduced in a bipartisan fashion, will provide a means for the 4 million people of Puerto Rico to self-determine the ultimate status of their island,” Sen. Salazar said.

The Martinez-Salazar bill would designate a deadline for Puerto Ricans to make their own decision about whether or not they maintain their status as a territory, or pursue a permanent, non-territory status. In either case, Congress would be responsible for assisting with and respecting the desires of the people.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Puerto Rico Crisis Updates

House passes a PIP supported bill that would impose a 5% tax on corporations and ensure a $532 million dollar loan
SAN JUAN (EFE) - La Cámara de Representantes aprobó hoy un proyecto que autorizaría al Banco Gubernamental de Fomento (BGF) a emitir una línea de crédito de 532 millones de dólares que serían respaldados con los ingresos generados por un impuesto adicional de cinco por ciento a las corporaciones que hayan generado más de diez millones de dólares durante el último año contributivo.ENDi
Senate and Govenor reject plan, urge imposition of 7% sales tax on consumers.
SAN JUAN (AP) - El presidente del Senado, Kenneth McClintock, secundó las observaciones hechas por el gobernador Aníbal Acevedo Vilá sobre una medida de recaudo adelantado aprobada en la Cámara, y dijo que no tiene oportunidades de prevalecer en el cuerpo que dirige.ENDi

PR Government Closes
El gobernador Aníbal Acevedo Vilá dijo hoy a las 8 de la mañana que ninguna de las propuestas aprobadas en la Cámara de Representantes resuelve la crisis presupuestaria que dejó en la calle a 95,000 empleados públicos.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Chu and Joelys

Isn't she so cute?! That's my baby.

El Pueblo Responde!

Tens of thousands of Puerto Ricans arrived Friday to the Capitol in the march "Puerto Rico Grita (Shouts)" to demand an agreement between the Legislature and the governor to put an end to the crisis that the island is going through that will leave some 100,000 public employees without a paycheck in the next two months.Puerto Rico WOW

Bush, national anthem and English

When the president was asked at a Rose Garden question-and-answer session whether the anthem should be sung in Spanish, he replied: "I think the national anthem ought to be sung in English, and I think people who want to be a citizen of this country ought to learn English and they ought to learn to sing the national anthem in English."New York Times

This coming from a guy who can't speak English that well. LOL.

But on a serious note, I kinda agree with him. National anthems should be sung in their national language. Can you imagine the Puerto Rican national anthem in English? "The Land of Borinquen, where I was born..." LOL. Sure it's feasible, but it's just not right, and on top of it, it sounds horrible.

Experts from emails to Emily

Recently, I've restablished contact with my best friend Emily Foss. She is currently a graduate student at UC-Davis. Here are some exerpts from emails that I thought interesting to post.

....Well, I'm doing great. This semester is easier, the
classes are more interesting, and I have a Mrs. Chu in
my life. Yup. You heard right. She's cool and I really
like her.

Anyways, I spend less time in the library and more
time at home. The library is cold and there are too
many distractions (friends, classmates, women). And my
house is cozy. Plus I have cable, so when I get bored
I just tune into Discovery channel. haha..

...La isla del encanto is doing well. She says hi. It's
currently raining but hey I don;t complain. Politics
are crazy like always. The other day a group of people
entered the Capitol Building and broke windows and the
glass encasing the Constitution. I've stayed away from
politics and have been focusing on my studies.
However, being at the law school makes it difficult to
separate one from the other. Why? Well, because alot
of my classmates are sons and daughters of
politicians, and others are family of famous
independentistas. So, you can imagine the debates that

...I spent the entire weekend travelling the island. That
was my girlfriends gift to me. It was fun. Wish you
could have come along. PR is beautiful. School ends in
a few weeks and my last final is on the 31 of may. I'm
going to be working this summer, but i'm also going to
have plenty of free time. i was thinking about doing
some internal vacation, maybe even going to Florida
w/my girl, or to Nyc for a few days or so...

...My only interesting class is Criminal law. I guess b/c i've
watched to much law and order, and the practice. haha.
The other classes are boring or depressing. For
example, property law is basically about how rich
people protect themselves from other rich people
(cause poor people don't have property haha). And
Family Law is all about what to do after getting a
divorce. It's like the law promotes divorces haha...

Second Semester Catch up

Second semester of law school ends in a couple weeks. Time really flies by here. This semester has been fun, boring, and redundant. Fun because my band has been gigging, getting exposure and paid! Also, I got to travel the island during spring break, something I havent been able to do because of time constraint and having no car. Also, fun because I got me girlfriend! She's great and so is love! Boring because after a while the act of studying law gets redundant and eventually boring. I wake up, drink coffee, read a little, go to class until 3, go to the weight room, eat dinner, study unitl 11 -!2. Every now and then I get to watch TV, hurray for cable!

Second semester of law school is more calming than first. The novelty is gone, the stress of uncertainty is gone, we enter a certain pace, and we learn how to utilize shortcuts (Repasos!!). Currently, I'm filling out my financial aid form, selecting classes for next semester and planning my study days until the end of May.

At least at the end of the tunnel there is something good. I head back to the states on June 1 to visit my family. And coming along with me is my linda jibarita, my half orange, my future baby's momma!

Good job, bad work!

House approves $114 million for 12 agencies

SAN JUAN (EFE) – The House of Representatives unanimously approved a measure that assigns $114.577 million to 12 agencies in order to maintain their operations, guaranteeing the service to the citizenship and complying with the payment of the employee payroll.

The bill stipulates the manner in which the resources will be distributed so that the agencies can operate until May 30, except the Education Department, which only has money to operate until May 15.Puerto Rico WOW!

I'm glad to see that the legislators could get their heads out their asses. Moeny was approved to operate agencies until the end of May. But, what will happen come May 30? Workers wont be out on the street on Monday, but they will be on June 1? What good has been done solving the fiscal crisis partially?

A new legislation by the New Progressive Party legislators was approved that imposes a special additional tax of 4% over the 2.5% of net income.

The disposition would apply to societies, commercial banking, international banking entities, small personal loan companies, mortgage institutions, investment companies, leasing companies, financing companies, real estate, and investment agents and advisors.

On a brighter note, I'm glad that the legislators approved a 4% tax on the banks and corporations. I would have liked it to been like 10% but as long as those money makers are paying something to the coufers I'm cool.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

We own you biatch!

Rechazan en EE.UU. status "mejorado" para Puerto Rico

Jueves, 27 de abril de 2006

WASHINGTON (AP) - La idea de que Puerto Rico puede mejorar su relación con Estados Unidos con un plan de "nueva mancomunidad" no tiene sustento constitucional y cualquier promesa que Washington pudiera hacer en ese sentido no le significaría obligación de ninguna naturaleza, declaró hoy un funcionario del Departamento de Justicia.

"Puerto Rico puede mantener su actual status de mancomunidad o territorial, indefinidamente, pero siempre estará sujeto a la autoridad final del Congreso para alterar los términos de ese estatus, como dice la Constitución", dijo C. Kevin Marshall, subsecretario asistente de Justicia para asuntos legales. ENDi

So then why have the status hearings? Basically Subsecretary Marshall is saying "it doesn't matter what you call yourself, or what kind of status you have, we still own you, biatch!"

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Chu's view on the Crisis de Puerto Rico

If you're following Puerto Rican affairs, then you know that we are currently experiencing a crisis that will soon materialize on Monday, May 1, with the closing of the government, which includes the closing of the schools, executive branch, the courts and the legislative branch. Only the police and hospitals will stay open.

First of all let me say that this isn't surprising. I'm surprised the government hasn't closed before. The reason for the closing is that the government is bankrupt. But PR has been bankrupt for decades. The difference now is that the legislature doesn't want to approve a loan that will cover the last 2 months of this fiscal year.

LEt me tell you how silly this all looks. The PNP blame the governor for this, the Populares blame the PNP dominating legislature, civil groups blame past administrations including Rossello, and the PIP blame the colonial status. Enough with the blame game.

What we need now are solutions. We can go on and on with pointing th finger, but the bottom line is that a divided government in PR is ineffective. Maybe the PNP want this crisis to happen so that Acevedo Vila looks bad. Maybe Rossello has personal interests and is in favor of this crisis. But that doesnt matter now. What matters is that come Monday, hundreds of thousand of puerto Ricans will be without a paycheck.

I tend to agree with the idea that the solution is to tax the banks and corporations. currently the pay nothing but reek all the social benefits of the government, i.e., police, fire protection, they use the streets, and other infrastructure, etc. In a social democracy all who benefit from the system should aport to the system. A 5-10% tax on the banks and corporations would solve the current crisis and add millions to the coffers of the government. We wouldn't even need to implement the sales tax.

The sad part of this is that the legislators seem to only care about blaming the other party. I've always said that revolution begins when a pueblo can't maintain his day to day survival. Come Monday, we will see change in PR. Come Monday, we may see revolution!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Law School - Repasos

2nd semester is a whole lot easier, though I can't pinpoint exactly why. It's a mixture of things I suppose. First semester of law school is filled with mixed emotions. The study of law isn't like anything else. There is so much material and so little time. It get's so stressful that one begins to question why even study law. During the first semester, so many nights are spent in the library, on the computer, reading cases, briefing cases, memorizing doctrines, rules and regulations, on the phone with mom or dad. We are pushed to near mental suicide. But then.....we discover the famous "Repasos." In english I guess they are called summaries. A law student begins to realize that there is no need to read every page or brief every case b/c someone has already done it for you. The summaries are a life saver. Not only do they save time, but they make law school life enjoyable.

But, I just want to make a few things clear to those of you planning on studying law. You can't get by solely on summaries. You need to read the material assigned (or at least most of it ;). The summaries are good for explaining and for strategy (in terms of using your time efficiently). Even with the summaries law school is hard as hell.

In any case, God bless the Repasos!

Semana Santa

This week is semana santa (the holy week). I feel no different, the days don't feel different, the people act the same, the trash still stinks. What's so holy about this week?

Thursday, April 06, 2006

yeah, so?!

SAN JUAN (EFE)- El presidente del Senado, Kenneth McClintock, informó hoy de que varios congresistas estadounidenses se comprometieron a estudiar el proyecto de estatus presentado en la Cámara federal por el comisionado residente de Puerto Rico en Washington, Luis Fortuño.

So a few congressman promised to study the status project. so, what?!

Besides, I doubt "studying" the status project is big priority for US congressmen. They care more about Congresswoman McKinney's slap of the officer than the status of Puerto Rico.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

AAV: "Don't blame me...blame him!"

On Monday, April 3, the governor gave is buget proposal speech to the nation. As expected, he said much of the same stuff we already know - PR is in debt, education is bad, the streets are bad, crime is high, politics sucks, etc. But, his speech soon turned into a blame game. During his speech, Acevedo Vila named Pedro Rossello as the blame for Puerto Rico's mess, which consequently led to PNP legislators getting up and leaving the rotunda.

Now, while some of us may agree with the governor, I don't think personifying PR's problems is the correct path to go. On the island people were shocked, others happy, that Acevedo did this. But I think his comment really had no productive purpose other than to let out some emotion. Sure, Rossello may have the legislature in his back pocket, but Acevedo Vila is the governor - shouldn't he be blaming himself as well? Pointing Rossello out demonstrates a) that Acevedo is putting the blame on someone else (to save his ass) b) that he has no control over the government.

If Acevedo Vila wants to play the blame game, then we should include the real culprits - like the American corporations and their subisidaries that are exempt from paying taxes, the Puerto Rican politicians who are overpayed and unproductive, our colonial status.

Acevedo has proposed a 7% sales tax, which I'm all for, and interestingly so was Rossello. But since the comment, Rossello has switched his support to the 4% sales tax. Sure, this may prove correct what Acevedo Vila was trying to tell us on Monday. But, you know, PR would generate alot more money from taxing the American companies who dont pay a dime to PR's coufers, then we wouldnt need to be talking about no sales tax.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Guess Who's Back!!

WASSUP!!!!! How's it going me gente!? I've been gone for a long time but I'm back with energy to comment!! Hellz yea. One of my professor's happened to stumble upon my site and mentioned it to me. At first I was like "what site" then I was like damn! I totally forgot about this blog. Let's see, the last time I blogged was back in August when I had the flu. That makes it 8 months since my last blog!!! Damn!

Well, I'm back. So much has happened since my last entry. I survived my first semester of law school, second semester is smooth sailing, my band is gigging every week,I went home for christmas, oh and I got my a special someone in my life. She so cute! Ill post a pic of her soon.

There's so much to comment about Puerto Rico it aint even funny! (excuse my ebonics). Just to name a few: the FBI killed Ojeda, they beat up on some journalists, the White House relesed its status report, the island's economy is in shambles, the legislature is worthless, Ray Barretto died, the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer. I promise to keep my public informed.

It's good to be back. I'll keep posting on current issues while at the same time I'll try to do some catching up. See you guys in the realm of blog. Thanks Myrta.