Friday, July 15, 2005

"White" is the Standard

WASHINGTON - The scores of black and Hispanic 9-year- olds on a national math and reading test are getting closer to the traditionally higher marks of white students, according to results released Thursday.
All 9-year-old students, on average, earned the highest scores in three decades in both reading and math. . .

Some educators said the improvement was a sign that schools are beginning to help minorities reach the test- achievement level of white students, who typically do better on national examinations.

Tampa Tribune

It's funny how this article wants to portray an image of improvement among the black and latino communities in regards to test scores. But look how the article is worded. It makes it seem that the standard of intelligence is "white." That for some reason we all should be proud that minority students are reaching the scores of white students. No matter how much we try to eliminate it, racism is still a huge problem in America.

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