Monday, November 08, 2004

Americans Immigrating?

OTTAWA (Reuters) - The number of U.S. citizens visiting Canada's main immigration Web site has shot up six-fold as Americans flirt with the idea of abandoning their homeland after President Bush's election win this week...

On an average day some 20,000 people in the United States log onto the Web site, -- a figure which rocketed to 115,016 on Wednesday. The number of U.S. visits settled down to 65,803 on Thursday, still well above the norm.

Bush's victory sparked speculation that disconsolate Democrats and others might decide to start a new life in Canada, a land that tilts more to the left than the United States...
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I thought it is the other way around: people immigrate to the US, not reverse. It seems that the elections have upset alot of Americans. I would not be surprised if many Americans bail out of the country until a democrat, more liberal leader gets elected. These are signs of an unhealthy democracy in America.

If push came to shove (and it's coming closer), I'd move to Puerto Rico, not Canada, its's too cold there where as Puerto Rico is eternal spring.

Sales Tax In Puerto Rico

El viernes el representante del PNP, José Aponte, adelantó que tan pronto tome posesión ordenará al nuevo presidente de la Comisión de Hacienda a que realice otro estudio para aprobar un proyecto de ley que establecería un impuesto a las ventas en Puerto Rico. Esta propuesta es una promesa de campaña del

The PNP has said that the first thing they will do when they take over Congress in January is begin an initiative to instate a sales tax in Puerto Rico. The PPD are against it, PIP are weary, but I am for it. I share the sames views as my good buddy Luis Gallardo. Check out his argumeny by clicking here.

The sales tax would be good by making those who consume more contribute more. As anyone who has been to Puerto Rico knows, Puerto Ricans have a massive consumer problem. The sales tax would also add much needed funds to the government coffers that can go to fund public intiatives such as raises for teachers and fixing our roads.

However, unlike my friend Luis, I think the progressive tax on income should remain. Those who earn more should pay more. A flat rate tax would only benefit the upper class and hurt the middle and lower classes. For example, if the flat rate is roughly $200 a month for everyone, he who makes $1200 a month will be affected more than he who makes $5000 a month.

On a related issue, I also believe that our tax revenues should be use towards other things than paying for welfare and medicare, etc etc. These programs are good, however, it is not fair if as the government coffer grows so too do the number of unemployed and people on welfare as well. The government is there to help not to maintain. Thus, fiscal liberalism as well as responsibility should be structured into the tax system.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Fuego Popular!

Fuego Popular! Ganó Acevedo Vilá! The results are in, with more than 80% of the population voting, Acevedo Vila has been declared the winner. However, the PNPs are letting down. The race was a close one and they have asked for a recount. I don't blame them, Acevedo Vila only has roughly 4000 more votes than Rossello. Plus, nearly 20,000 votes have not been counted yet. So, the PNP has a good base to wait to conced the elections to the PPD.

In any event, I'm kind of glad the PPD won, although I myself am not a popular, because Rossello did not win. Acevedo Vila is not really any better, but at least we know the next four years will be free of PNP rule. Sadly, the PPD will find it hard to govern since the PNP has won control of both houses and the Resident Commissionership.

On another fearful note, the PIP did not receive the 3% needed to remain as an official party. There existence is threatend. Farinacci, the socialist party leader, has made it clear that the independence movement is in crisis. This is a sign I think, that the independence movement has to be revised and revitalized on the island. New tactics and leadership is needed. More dialogue and solidarity is needed between the independence parties and the melones of the PPD party. On a brighter note, it was kind of ironic that Maria de Lourdes had the highest percentage of votes than any other senator elected on Tuesday. It goes to show you that Puerto Ricans are willing to elect an independentista. We need more independentistas in positions of power.

Bush the Moralist

Bush has won his first presidential election (he was appointed to his first term, don't forget). These elections surprised the hell out of me. First, I was shocked to see that Bush also won the popular vote along with the electoral college votes. Yes, more people voted for him than Kerry. Further, I was shocked to see the reasons Americans voted for Bush. The number one reason being that he is more moral than Kerry. What the hell?! Bush is the moralist? Bush is a guy who allowed the Assault Weapons Ban to expire. Bush is the guy who says its ok for people to own weapons that serve no other purpose than to kill massively. Bush is a guy who's lie about Iraq has caused the death of hundreds of our troops. This is a guy who has not created one job un his three years. This is a guy who questioned the loyalty of John Kerry and even John McCain back in 2000. How the hell do you question the loyalty of men who fought for this country and he himself (Bush) avoided service. This is a guy who's trying to pass a constitutional amendment that is just as prejudice as jim crow laws. And he is the moralist?!!

The country lost something on Tuesday. The Christian Right is taken over. It seems that we are moving backwards. Justice is being threatened. Four more years of hell await us...and the scary thing is that now Bush thinks he has a mandate. Dios cuidanos.