Sunday, October 31, 2004

Temor a la independencia? Amor a la estadidad? Yea right!

Puerto Ricans don't fear independence. How can they? They have never experienced it (one day does not count). It's like someone telling you they're scared of a movie they've never seen. Likewise, Puerto Ricans can't adore statehood for the same reasons. It's like a virgen saying she loves sex. No one can honestly fear or love something they have never had, seen or felt. Further, oddly enough, there are those who say they are somewhere in between. What the..? How can you fear and love something at the same time. Imagine a wife saying "I love my husband, but I'm afraid of him." Something is not right with that relationship. This is current state of Puerto Rican politics today: Something is not right with our relationship with the US. Puerto Rico is like the abused wife of just can't seem to let go.

Someone one day sold Puerto Ricans the idea that they could have the best of both worlds, that they didn't have to decide just yet their final political status, that it was ok to be indecisive. Someone told them that having cultural and social independence was enough and that in exchange they would have to give up their economic and political independence. Eventually, the economic dependence swelled so much that today there are Puerto Ricans who can't perceive a life without economic dependence. Some are even willing to give up their culture and social independence to secure their economic dependence. This is what Puerto Ricans can really say they love or fear: the economic dependency.

God forbid that one day Puerto Ricans realize that they can also survive on their own two feet. An infant will learn to walk, a kid on a bike will learn to ride, a teen who goes off to college will learn to manage his budget, set priorities, create his own goals and make wise decisions. Isn't it time for Puerto Rico to learn to walk, to ride alone, to make its own decision, manage its own budget and set its own goal? Isn't it possible? Of course.

Puerto Rico continues to be the pet dog of the United States. Just like a pet, we are "in" the family but we are not "part" of the family. Puerto Ricans need to let go of this leash. They need to realize that change is good. However, they also need to realize that one's culure, one's way of life is non-negotiable. Their history, flag, anthem, future, society shall not be put on the negotiating table. Any so called leader that does put the things that Puerto Ricans hold dearly on the negotiating table should be looked upon with skepticism and disgrace. That leader's motives are different from the pueblos.

Independence or some other form of association that's not statehood are the only options that Congress is willing to offer Puerto Rico. Let's wake up people. We are the battered wives, the kid on the bike, the teen going off to college, the mistreated pet of the US. Isn't it time that we grow up and learn to love freedom and fear dependency because these are things we have experienced before.

Rosello Might Win?!

EN ESTA ÚLTIMA Encuesta de El Nuevo Día, completada ayer sábado 30 de octubre, Pedro Rosselló aventaja a Aníbal Acevedo Vilá por un margen de 5 puntos, 45% a 40%. Mientras que Rubén Berríos recibe un 4% de los votos.

How the hell is Rosello leading the polls in Puerto Rico? If Rosello wins, then another stereotype, and even insult, will be created about Puerto Ricans: that they have terrible memories. How can Puerto Rico have forgotten 8 years of bad administration, corruption, lies? On the other side of the tracks, the PPD has produced a horrible candidate. Acevedo promises much of the same of Sila (?), whereas Rosello promises much of the same he did (trains, ports, health). Rosello can't win. If push comes to shove, melones must vote red this time to avoid four more years of embarrassment.

Jesus lives!

Wassup guys! After a month of absence, Chu is back! I've been studying my ass of for the LSAT and been busy filling out my law school applications. Elections are this Tuesday, so I've been busy monitoring that. I'll make it a habit to continuously update my website for all you crazy Verde Luz fans.

Sunday, October 03, 2004


NUEVA YORK - El puertorriqueño Félix "Tito" Trinidad hizo un regreso triunfal a los cuadriláteros cumpliendo los pronósticos al vencer por la vía del nocaut en ocho episodios al nicaraguense Ricardo "El Matador" Mayorga, en el Madison Square Garden de Nueva York.-El Nuevo Dia

Another victory for the Boricua family! Tito is back baby. I was also excited to see Bobby Cruz, a salsa legend, sing La Borinqueña, the Puerto Rican National Anthem. Every Puerto Rican was a Puerto Rican tonight. Or you may even argue that the true spirit of the Melones was in full fledge tonight.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Religion and Politics in Puerto Rico

TOA ALTA - La fe y la política caminaron ayer de la mano tras el endoso público de una pastora protestante a la candidatura por la gobernación de Pedro Rosselló.
Al afirmar que "el señor me ha dicho que tendremos al prime, arriba, aseguró, con respecto a Rosselló, que Puerto Rico tendrá un gobernador "que hable en lenguas".J. Ismael Fernández Reyes

"Estoy endosando a la persona de Pedro Rosselló", dijo la pastora Wanda Rolón, líder espiritual de la congregación de La Senda Antigua. "Es una nueva criatura".
El endoso de Rolón, reconocida cantante evangélica y pastora de una iglesia de 4,000 miembros con un canal de televisión, se debe en parte a que Rosselló abandonó la fe católica y se convirtió en evangélico, a parte de que los gobiernos del Partido Popular Democrático (PPD) siempre han atentado contra la Iglesia, según dijo.

"El señor me ha dicho que tendremos al primer gobernador cristiano evangélico", dijo la pastora, lo que causó una alabanza a Dios entre uno de los seguidores. "Tú vas a ver un gobernador que hable en lenguas". -El Nuevo Día

Religion is important to Puerto Ricans. No one can doubt that and the importance of religion and the impact it has on Puerto Rican society is astounding. For example, when leaders of the Catholic church in Puerto Rico spoke out against the Navy in Vieques, almost all of Puerto Rico united from all parties to get the Navy out. I guess Rolon is trying to do the same thing by supporting Rosello.

However, I think Rolon is wrong for "religousing" politics. Who will question a person who says "God told me so." There is no way to prove or disprove it. I've visted Rolon's church and I kind of got the sense she and the congregation, for the most part, were pro-statehood. I guess what made it obvious was when Rolon gave a massive prayer and speech about Luis Ferrer.

Many people follow Rolon throughout the island. She has over 4000 members in her church and her services are broadcasted across the island. This is clearly a political move by Rolon under the guise of religion. This is wrong and should not be tolerated. Religion and state should be separated simply because the divine is a tool that can easily manipulate the minds of people. Interesetingly and ironically, if Rolon is pro-statehood, and hence pro-American, she is doing something that goes against American principles by mixing both institutions.

And, by saying that "God has told me that a christian person (Rosello) will lead the people," makes one question her sanity. In NYC, we'd lock her up in a mental ward for comments like that.

Keep religion out of politics.