Sunday, August 15, 2004

Terror Profiling

Which one are you more afraid of?

"A mass psychosis has gripped the country," writes Micahel Moore in reference to the highten terror alert being felt by all Americans. Ever since 9/11, Americans have been so scared that they have giving up certain inalienable rights bestowed to them by the Constitution in exchange for more measures of "security" that ridiculously has come in the form of a color-coded chart. They have been told to be alert and report any suspicious behavior and suspicious-looking persons. They have been coaxed into spending money and buying items because the government continuosly has told them that another attack is imminent. Sadly, Americans have become prisoners in their own country.

But, when is this next attack coming? Who is this attack going to be coming from? Questions like these seem rhetorhical for the American social conscious has already answered them. Since childhood, Americans have been taught that it's people of the other color that they must fear. Blacks feared the whites up until the late 60's, whites continue to fear blacks and both races seem to keep an open eye on those spanish-speaking people. Everyone is suspicious of each other.

It seems that since 9/11, the characteristics of a person most likely to harm Americans includes someone tan-skinned, from the middle-east, probably wearing a turban, carrying a Quran and speaking a funny language. At least, that's what the media seems to portray and the government seems to concur. That's the new terror profiling system implanted in the American conscience. When we hear about someone being arrested as a terror threat does he not fit these characteristics? The prisoners being held in Guantanamo Bay, do they not fit these qualities? This is America's picture of a terrorist and these are the people they must watch out for.

It is all BULL! Americans are looking the wrong way. Before 9/11, an Americans chances of being killed by a foreign-born terrorist, especially on US soil, was ZERO. In fact, no American in the years following 9/11 has died at the hands of a terrorist. Americans have a greater chance of dying from the flu, pneumonia, car accidents, homicide, and even suicide.

It's not the third-world country guy who Americans need to fear but rather their own fellow citizens. If someone dies from a flu he probably contracted it from an American, if someone dies in a car accident it was probably by a drunk American, if someone is murdered it was probably at the hands of an American, if someone kills himself its probably because an American didn't love him enough.

In America, its the American you need to fear, particularly the white American. It's not the black American who has made the country the way it is. Who killed the Native Americans? Whites. Who enforced slavery? Whites. Who has started every war in America? A white guy. Who are the people laying-off Americans and moving their jobs overseas? White CEOs. Who voted for Bush? Whites. So you see, its your fellow white Americans you must fear. They are the ones who are serial killers, whose kids wear trenchcoats and shoot up schools, who blow up buildings. Let's face it America, you are most likely to die at the hands of "terrorists" from your own country than from anywhere else.

I know it's hard to accept. This country is built around the premisis that everything white is good, and everything black is bad. But I don't blame you. The media is partly responsible but the real blame should be given to the conservative, white, corporate guys who run the country. They are the ones who decide what you can see, hear and know. You are just a product of a screwed-up, cynical, bigot society.

My advice to you is this: next time you see a white guy who looks suspicious, Run and report him to the Department of Homeland Security.

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