Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Puerto Rican Justice: How SOUR it is!

Wouldnt it be great to live on a beautiful tropical island where at anytime you could go to the beach, hike through a rainforest, tour historical colonial sites and get away with murder!? Well amigos, now you can. Bienvenidos a Puerto Rico.

Yes folks, you can now add "murdering" to the list of many things to do while in Puerto Rico. It may sound crazy or even far-fetched, but homicide is the new fad in Puerto Rico. Or at least it seems that way. You see, a few days ago a man by the name of Melvin Mendez Roldan had murder charges against him dropped. He was accused of killing a young trumpet player a few months ago by the name of Ricardo Morales Saez. Now I remember that day very well. Some kid with a nice car who has it pretty much made drives through a ghetto while blasting his stereo and is killed. The funny thing about this whole thing is that Melvin confessed to the murder. He even led the police to where he stashed the body. I know what you're thinking: how could a confessed muderer be freed of the charges? Well, the judge who ordered the charges lifted, Lourdes Velázquez Cajigas, said that even though Melvin confessed, his lawyer wasn't present during the police interrogation or signing of the confession statement. What the fudge?!

Where is the Puerto Rican justice system going? I'll tell you where: straight down the toilet. It is a sad day when the system lets a confessed murderer go. I feel so safe right now. No wonder there are so many gated communities in Puerto Rico. People just dont feel safe anymore.

This happens to often in our legal system where a lawbreaker is freed from his charges through some sort of technicality. I believe in the principle of innocent until proven guilty and that everyone should be treated according to the rules and regulations of the system but damm, this guy confessed, and according to the police department, they followed every procedure in the book Miranda rights and all. The technicality was that Melvin's lawyer was MIA during his signing of the statement. Well, boo-hoo Melvin and Lourdes.

It's things like this that make Puerto Rico look bad to the world. This is probably why Congress doesn't even want to touch on the status issue. I can here them now "Independence?! Hell, you can't even take care of you're own damn selves or protect your own damn citizens. Statehood?! We aint taken no uncivilized murderers into are great union of civilized, law-abiding citizens."

Some Puerto Ricans want to blame the police. But I doubt it was their fault. Sure some may be corrupt and some may be ignorant and others illiterate, and yes they do look like they came of the set of Star Troopers, but most cops are good. Personally I believe, as my good friend Luis does, that what exists in Puerto Rico is a political and legal system that is not compatible to the social system. No matter how hard we try, we just won't be like Americans. The political and legal system on the island is an American duplicate. It's not working guys. Time to change it. We need a system that reflects the society. Its not a hard thing to do. Almost all Puerto Ricans are the same ethnically and culturally. We're not a multi-ethnic or diverse country like the US.

It just makes my nipples-hard just thinking about how defunct our legal system is. Its crazy that the system will drop charges on a murderer but makes sure you pay your traffic tickets. This system of ours is sour like a can of medalla beer.

On a sad note. I see no future for Melvin. Yes, he's a murderer, but he's still Puerto Rican. I feel for all my boricua brothers. He's not a walking the streets yet because he still has other charges pending against him but he'll be out on the street in no time. Personally, I see him as another victim of our defunct and decaying social system. Maybe Melvin had a reason to kill Ricky. Maybe it was anger, or revenge. Maybe it was stupidity. Or maybe it was that when Melvin saw a young kid from a good home with a nice car drive into his ghetto blasting his radio he wondered why that kid had it made but he was doomed to fail and a life of struggle. Unfortunately, Melvin will get what is coming to him. He may be free, but he is a bigger outcast than he was before. Knowing how are social system is presently, someone's going to get him back.

This being my first blog entry, I thought it appropiate to begin with a topic that deeply concerns me. I love Puerto Rico and seriously think its the Garden of Eden, Heaven on Earth. That is why I want the best for my island. I will be the first to defend her and the first to critize her. This entry lays out the frame work of how I like to think and approach issues. I hope you guys enjoy reading this as I enjoy writing it.


Tony McGrit said...

Tra tra.

Welcome to the blogosphere, my good friend.

If you ever need to post some pictures, I can set aside a few megs of space on my server. Let me know, mano.

Anonymous said...

Don Chu,
I agree with most of your comments except for this interesting and misinformed paragraph-> But It's things like this that make Puerto Rico look bad to the world. This is probably why Congress doesn't even want to touch on the status issue. I can here them now "Independence?! Hell, you can't even take care of you're own damn selves or protect your own damn citizens. Statehood?! We aint taken no uncivilized murderers into are great union of civilized, law-abiding citizens."--First of all, remember that the laws that govern our beautiful island are US laws. Those technicalities were put there by the same folks that send our men and women to war, without giving them the right to vote for their "commander-in-chief" as you have pointed out in previous postings. And then to imply that the US is a "great union of law-abiding citizens"???? You didn't really write that and keep a straight face did you Hermano? Listen, I was born and raised in Miami, FL (Parents are Boricua, so I am proud to identify myself as one as well). I lived through the race riots of the 80's and 90's; corrupt cops; corrupt mayor; corrupt school superintendent. Shall I continue? Let the merits of this case speak for themselves. Yes, it's appalling when a murderer is set free, but don't try to link the STATE issue to this. It was laughable and I think in hindsight, you might agree. Have a good one Bro' and keep writing and fighting for a free Puerto Rico.

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Anonymous said...

my parents died both od heart attack on the day they saw there son in chains like a criminal and we pleaded for mental hospital was denied,now he is safe in Long Island stable,but this Christmas I pass with pain and the sorrow of how my people stabbed my heart,they took away my parents with injustice towards my brother,he had Picosis,but he did;t hurt anyone just himself.