Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Once Again Chu Defends

Here is another response to a comment made by "Christian" in the article "An Anthropoligical Observation on Puerto Rican Sexuality" by my good friend Luis Gallardo on the website Living on the Planet in reference to Puerto Ricans.

Christian said:

"Let's see, the Austrians have Mozart and can also lay claim to Freud, the Germans have Beethoven and Einstein, the Italians have Raphael, da Vinci and Michelangelo the British have Shakespeare and Churchill, the French have Matisse, the Spanish have Picasso and Puerto Ricans have....RICKY MARTIN. Terrific!

While I agree with you that the “culture” in the US is totally vacuous and more specious than any nation in the world (and it’s, in fact, infiltrating and slowly dumbing-down the entire world with its garbage music and its obsession with fame and money), Puerto Rico is not, nor ever has been, a bastion of intellectual creativity."

Don Chu said:

"Christian, it is obvious that you are some right wing, conservative puritanical gringo who probably has never left his city.

You seem to comment of Puerto Rico as if you knew alot about it. From your comments, I conclude that you are very ignorant on Puerto Rican history and culture. Ricky Martin may be Puerto Rican, but he is no representation of Puerto Rico. That's like saying Brittany Spears best represents the US.

As for music, Puerto Rico produces some of the most influential and prominent musicians, composers and singers in the Western Hemishpere let alone the world. Have you ever heard of Rafael Hernandez? Composer of Preciosa, Lamento Borincano and thousands of other songs. Some of his compositions are considered as second national anthems for many countries.

What about Juan Morell Campos? Only the best Danza (what you would call Waltz) composer in the 19th century.

How about Bobby Capo and Tite Curet Alonso? Do you know who they are? Their songs, which include boleros, salsas, &jazz, are still being song today around the globe. Roberto Angleron? Almost every song he composed was a hit which still makes people dance and have fun.

Ever heard of Pablo Casals? He's Puerto Rican.

These are only a few examples of Puerto Rico's immense artistic talents. The one who needs to open up their mind is you compañero."


Yannick Mückenhirn ® said...

Hi Don Chu! I just read your post "Puerto Rican Justice: How SOUR it is!". Excellent, in general we have a very similar point of view in some topics. Here in this post I have to say that Pablo Casals is "puertorican" because his mother was puertorican, but he was born in Spain. Take care and congrats for this great Blog!

Yannick Mückenhirn ® Noticias Interesantes

Don Chu said...

Thanks. You're right Casals was born in Spain. But then again, how many 2nd and 3rd generation Puerto Ricans born in New York consider themselves to be full Puerto Ricans? Almost all of them. Remember the line "Boricua hasta en la luna."

Yannick Mückenhirn ® said...

Don Chu, check this out. Y ahora... ¿quién podrá defendernos?

Yannick Mückenhirn ® Noticias Interesantes