Wednesday, August 25, 2004

"No Child Left Behind" Doesn't Work In Puerto Rico

EL DEPARTAMENTO de Educación (DE) implantará este semestre un plan de trabajo para las 21 escuelas que no están cumpliendo con los criterios académicos de la ley federal "Que Ningún Niño Quede Rezagado", aunque aún desconoce cuáles son los factores que están causando el rezago.El Nuevo Dia, 8/25/04

Can the Department of Education really be that inept? They seem shocked that our schools aren't meeting the standards of the "No Child Left Behind Act" and aren't sure why this is happening. Well I'll tell them why: Because it doesn't work in Puerto Rico! Once again, the DE is ignoring the fact that this federal law just isn't compatible with Puerto Rican society. (as aren't many other federal laws). You cannot impose federal standards in education for an island who's educational system is different than those of the US. Nevermind the fact that our schools are taught in a different language! How can you expect Puerto Rican children to score high on an English exam? How can you expect them to do superb on a US history test? Heck, American school children aren't even doing as well as expected. In fact, that law is ruining many schools across the US.

The DE needs to pay more attention to the social factors and create an educational system that not only refelcts the society but is responsive to the distinct needs of that society. The DE needs to stop trying to please the Americans and accept the fact that our schools aren't doing so well by American standards because we're not Americans!

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