Thursday, August 12, 2004

Equality or Liberty for Puerto Ricans

"And the reason is Puerto Rico's political status because its a status that's based on an absence of powers, it's a status that isn't democratic, it's a status that limits the potencials of our people. It's a status that puts limitations on our civil rights."
-Pedro Roselló, ex-governor of Puerto Rico, END: 12 august 2004

Now you know that I hate this guy with a passion for all the things he's done to destroy Puerto Rico, but this comment makes since. Puerto Ricans must realize, and accept the fact that despite our anger and unwillingness we are nonetheless US citizens. Therefore, I believe if the Americans want to treat us like US citizens then they should do it at full effect. It is despicable and outright undemorcratic to give us certain rights and deny us others. If this kind of thing happened in the states, all hell would break loose. I mean, wasn't that what the whole Civil Rights movement was all about: political equality?!

The ELA, current status of the island, has surpassed its intentions and is no longer reformable. For Puerto Rico to move foward in all aspects and be a viable competitor in this globilized world, it must obtain a status that gives it's citizens more autonomy and more say so in determining their future. Some, like Roselló, see that autonomy in statehood, others, like me, see that autonomy in independence. But, as long as we are treated as 2nd class US citizens who can't vote but can fight in the military, then Puerto Ricans must push for political equality. If Congress isn't willing to do that then they should give us political liberty.

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