Friday, August 27, 2004

Chu's Thoughts On Abortion

Partial Birth Abortion

A federal judge in New York ruled yesterday that a federal law banning a rarely used method of abortion was unconstitutional because it did not exempt cases where the procedure might be necessary to protect a woman's health. . .Judge Casey determined that the Supreme Court required, in a decision four years ago, that any law limiting abortion must have a clause permitting doctors to use a banned procedure if they determine that the risk to a woman's health would be greater without it. . .-NY Times

I consider myself to be a rather liberal person. I believe in equality for all, especially women. I believe that people should have the right to determine their own destiny and have the final say on how they conduct their lives. Noone should have the right to tell a person what to do with their bodies. Abortion has been a top issue for ages. Pro-choice people advocate a women's right to have an abortion if she wants to while the pro-life people advocate a ban on any type of abortion. I guess the issue here is women's rights. Women, of course, have been marginalized since the beginning of mankind and in this day in age they deserve every right to pursue social, economic and political equality. However I do not think abortion is the way to go. Although I am liberal, I just see any kind of abortion as a form of murder.

Some people argue that it isn't murder, that what is being destroyed is merely a fetus. The Supreme Court even ruled in Roe v Wade (1973) that a woman can determine the destiny of a fetus in the first trimester; that life really begins at birth. But take a look at the diagram above. That "fetus" looks like a minature scale of a human-being, doesn't it? The procedure above, the partial birth abortion, is when a doctor sticks a tube inside the "fetus" head and sucks the brians out, causing the skull !The "fetus is then removed> Cruel, when you think about it, right?

It's a tough issue, but here are two arguments I would like to make, that people haven't made concerning this issue. One is social and the other legal.

SOCIAL ARGUMENT: Throughout history certain groups have de-humanized other groups by inventing terms to label that other group thereby creating a sense a inferiority of that other group and therefore justifying any actions, cruel as they may be, against that other group.

Consider this: American Indians were called "savages"; Whites called blacks in America "niggers"; latinos in America are called "spics"; the jews were called "impure" and a number of other things by the Nazis; homosexuals are called "fags" and "dikes"; young, poor urban kids are called "thugs"; and more recently, anyone who goes against the US gov't is called "unpatriotic" or even "terrorist." You get my jif?! In all cases, these terms were invented to justify a groups actions towards another group. This led to genocide, slavery, poor housing, menial jobs, extermination, imprisonment, marginalization, denial of civil rights.

Creatures that apparently look like human-beings in all aspects are called "fetuses" There is no difference between the abortion issue and any other social issues mentioned above. These creatures are being called "fetuses" in order to justify what is obviously considered murder (the forceful ending of a life) in any dictionary. It would be harder to carry out a horrendous act if we refered to the fetus or any other group we seek to treat unfairly, as a human being.

LEGAL ARGUMENT: The most famous legal basis for the abortion issue is the Roe v. Wade decision. The Court ruled that the woman had the right to have an abortion if she wanted in the first trimester, in the 2nd trimester she would have to consult a doctor and in the 3rd trimester the fetus belonged to the state. Bien.

The basic principle here is that a woman has a right to privacy of her own womb. No one can tell here what to do with the fetus in the first 3 months. It is completely here decision. But consider this: the womb may be hers, no one argues that; but what about what's inside the womb? The "fetus" isn't wholly hers. Remember that old saying "it takes two to mambo"? The female is only "owner" of half of the "fetus" while the male is an "owner" as well. Pro-creation is a partnership. Therefore, the male, the father, should have as much say on what should be done to the "fetus" in the first trimester as the female, mother, does.

Let's say a woman owns a house. She meets a man and allows him to move in with her. A month later, they buy a car together. They park the car in the garage of the house. Let's say one day the woman decides she doesn't want the car and wants to get rid of it. Does the man have no say in that decision? Isn't the car also his? Just because it's in the garage of the house that belongs to the woman doesn't mean the man has no right to that car. You get my jif?!

Some of you might be thinking, oh how can you use an analogy like that when one deals with property and the other deals with humans. A Ha! That's where you are mistaken. Remember, according to law and the current social structure, the "fetus" isn't human. Life begins at birth, so says the court, remember? The creature inside the womb is merely a "fetus," in other words non-human, right? Hence, the "fetus" is as equal as a car: property.

The point here is that man has a right to the "fetus" as much as the woman does. This is one point that the Court failed to touch on.

These are just two new arguments that one should consider when thinking about the abortion issue. I don't think abortion should be banned completely simply because there are cases in which the life of the mother could be endangered if she proceeds with a pregnancy. But, the whole issue should be revisted and reconsidered, especially taking into considerations the points I made above. It's the only fair thing to do.


Anonymous said...

Abortion is a touchy subject. Something that I don't understand why men dicuss.. yeah you say that men should have as much decision in it as women do. Looking at facts a very small number of women actually perform abortions with out the decision of the man. Usually the man wants nothing to do with the women and the suggestion has been abortion because they fail to take responsibility... which I do say it is both of their responsibility but the decision falls mainly on the women because they have been left to make the hard decision.

Been a single mom and puertorican it has been a challenge for me as I'm sure many other women. I was fortunate to have a loving family that supported me while I recieved my two degrees one an associates in applied science on veterinary technology and the other a bachelors in nursing.

I have to say that I have been lucky and provided for my child well and continue to provide with out worries. I would have made a different choice if I had not thought that after becoming a mother I would have not been as successful.

I think that for a woman who does not have education and or family support it is impossible to provide a good life for a child.

If you ask me about my son's father (the one who told me to get the abortion ) He's in another state taking care of someone else's kids.. how ironic.

I do not agree with preventing a women's right to choose. It is in the end her choice because she will be the nurturer of that child. It is the toughest decision a woman will ever come to face. No man could ever understand.

PS... I think that safe sex should have been practiced when Bush was concieved.

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~*~megs said...

hey i really like the arguement you made and i completely agree with you tho i want to add some to it.
I am a hundred percent with you when it comes it the man having a say in the welfare of his own unborn child. I would really like to see more men finding ways to fight for their right to have a say in the decision.
I can understand a women should have a right to her own body but I also think that getting themselves in that situation was their own god damn fault. Except in the case of rape it was a man and women's lack of responsibility that caused an unwanted pregnancy. Sex should not be seen as an act without consequences as it has recently become portrayed in the media. If you can deal it the concequences you should not be having sex. period. end of story.
also if we are talking rights does the baby inside the woman not also have rights?
I also think that if there are medical reasons why a woman cannot bear a child another alternative should be sought. Is there a way to transfer a fetus into a serget mother? I'd like to see that happening.
someone also mentioned that the woman should have the choice because she would be responsible for raising the child which is not at all true. i think there are plenty of people that have had children that should not be allowed to have children and i think in some cases placing your kid up for adoption is more than an adequate option.
if you ever wanna debate (cuz i love to argue) email or in me at

The Celloist said...

Hey, just because you believe in free rights for all genders doesn't make you liberal...