Friday, August 13, 2004

Chu Defends His Fellow Boricuas

The following is a comment I posted on the website in response to a degrading and insulting comment made towards the people of Puerto Rico.

My comment is directed towards the post by Christian regarding the intellectual curiosity of Puerto Ricans.

CompaƱero, let me begin by answering your first question, "Isn't there anything more important to Puerto Ricans than sex?" Yes there is. I believe you misunderstood the argument the author was trying to make in this article. He simply was stating that Puerto Rican music is a social representation of who they are. Music, in any culture and in any country, is the supreme cultural representation of a people. Any "intelligent" person should be able to discern this from the article.

Almost every music in the world has some sexual tinge to it. For example, look at rap. The music videos alone attest to the sexual connotations to that musical genre. Or how about American pop with Brittney Spears and Christina Aguilera leading the pack. No one would dare say their songs have no sexual tinges to them.

So, you see, Puerto Ricans aren't the only ones who make music that is sexually noted. They just make their music a little more sexually weighted.

There ARE more important things than sex to Puerto Ricans. Let me name a few: politics, family, healthcare, education, well-being of their neighbor, baseball, nature, having fun, etc. The list can go on.

As for your second question, "Do they have one once of intellectual curiosity?" Again, yes they do. In fact they have tons and tons of intellectual curiosity. Did you know that Puerto Rico produces more professionals per square mile than any state in the US? In fact, Puerto Rico generates more engineers, doctors, lawyers, professors, and college graduates than any other Latin American country.

What other country can say that they produce countless numbers of professionals while having a rich and beautiful culture in which they can express themselves openly and freely?

Comparatively, Puerto Ricans are "smarter" than most Americans. They know more than one language, keep up on current events and are even responsible of knowing their candidates before they vote. In fact, unlike in the US, over 80% of Puerto Ricans vote. Now tell me that isn't a sign of an intelligent people.

The illiteracy rate in Puerto Rico is below 4% last I heard. Did you know that over 40 million Americans cannot read or write? Of course, you may not have known; you're probably part of that group.

So, you see compaƱero, Puerto Ricans are very intelligent people who are concerned with a variety of issues. I'm Puerto Rican myself, and I'm wondering how you even have the nerve to ask such silly questions like these.


CopaStaticLove said...

Hahahahahaha, your comments are witty and always on the money....where the heck have u been? LOL I still will repeat my initial comment to are one of the few and rare people I can relate to who is all about fighting for social justice...hence, main reason why I went into social work to begin with...pero tanta gente ignorante en este mundo, no se, espero que algun dia podramos hacer un cambio!

CopaStaticLove said...


rlperez3 said...

On the money Mr. Chu, I know it has been a while since you posted this statement but it is something that should be said much louder! Unfortunately, the only PR's that the world sees are the those that are thugs in the streets like the characters portrayed in the recently released movie "Chicago Boricua". If you haven't seen it, please watch it. I am looking forward to your comments.