Monday, May 19, 2008

Half way independentistas

Ever since Anibal was accused of 19 charges of federal crimes, the Partido Popular has been using nationalist and pro-independence rhetoric as a defensive mechanism and as a way to get pro-independence boricuas on their side. It all sounds good on its face, but when you start analyzing exactly what the PPD is saying, you realize that its pure rhetoric of people who are, for some reason, ashamed or scared. Why is the PPD afraid to say "we are nation, the US has no say here. period?" What are they afraid of?

At least the PPD is in the right direction, and are beginning to question Puerto Rico's relationship with the US. At most, the PPDs are half-way independentistas. But they still have a lot of work to do

Yesterday the PPD released their definition of an ELA soberano. Of course, I agree with part of it, but all-in-all its a contradiction in terms and principles. Read for yourself PPD's Definition of ELA Soberano

Sunday, March 09, 2008

A New Beginning

It's been a long time since I last posted. I've been busy with school and my band that I guess I kinda forgot about the power and soothing feeling of blogging. But now that I'm two months away from graduating law school I feel that I should return to the whole reason why I created this blog, and that was to document my years in law school. I'll start tonight by jotting some thoughts I have on Puerto Rican politics. I think this is apt since we are on the eve of the primaries.

This is my first election on the island. I can see clearly that politics are done differently here. First of all, there are massive caravans with big ass speakers blasting reggaeton or plena music at full volume shouting out candidates names as if they were the next contestant on the Price is Right. This is so annnoying!! And its usually PNP politicians doing it as they pass throught the caserios. IF I could vote, I'd vote against the candidate who does this kinda shit simply based on this. Geez, cause this demonstrates that the candidate has no consideration for the community, for peace and quiet.

Second, the candidates are ALL mediocre. Not one candidate has presented a solid platform. Many others dont even have a platform. There has been not one debate between the candidates. There has been no sharing of ideas or thoughts, or specific plans for the island. All I here is the same rhetoric "hace falta un cambio" "necesitamos mejores lideres." Politicians spend most of their time in the public arena bashing their opponents, insulting them, and scaring the voter into not voting for them. And the pool of candidates for the legislature is sad. I think all in the current legislature should go, but the people are going to replace them may be the same shit or worse.

Fortuno has run a campaign based on a supposed "change" he wishes to bring to PR. But he never specifies what kind of change it is. I know that he is a member of the Republican Party, and if he wishes to bring conservative republican changes to the island, then we're screwed. Republicans believe in smaller gov't, less gov't intervention in the economy, less spending, cutting social services, privatization. His supporters like him because he represents some kinda "new face". Come on now! The guy has been in politics for decades. He's the current resident Commisioner in DC and before that he was the secretary of tourism. He isnt new. He isnt fresh. Hes been around. It's like rearranging your room with the same furniture. The furniture has switched positions, but its the same furniture. And, of course, Fortuno is going to push for statehood. Another false hope being sold to the boricuas. The PNPs have been in power before and could never bring statehood to PR. When are boricuas going to learn that the status issue is out of their hands. Its not up to Jose y Pepe, its up to John and Chris. A few classmates of mine support Fortuno. Ironically, they also support Hillary Clinton for president. I asked them how was it that they supported a democrat in the US but a republican in PR. The answer was a strange one. They told me "well, we are statehooders and the only candidates are him or Rossello. And Rossello is terrible." Thus they pick the least of the worst. All they want is to win, come what may. But politics isnt a contest, nor a horse race where the finish line is the end of the race. The elections are the end this horse race, but the effects and consquences are going to last for 4 years at least.

As for Rossello, he isnt even running a campaing (suppsosedly). The guy is so arrogant that he swears that hes gonna win, with or without campaigning. And, from what Ive seen, he might be right. The other day I saw him on TV being intreviewed by reprorter Lenin Lopez, and he asked him what he has done for Arecibo, the senatorial district he represents. Rossello couldnt answer and instead said "which one do you want to know about". Lenin Lopez says, which ever comes to your mind. And Rossello says "well, ive passed a bill on health for the island, and that includes Arecibo." And may I remind you that Rossello want elected to the Senate but rather bought his way in. Also, I feel the need to express my surprise on the fact the many boricuas have forgotten the fuck ups he did during his 8 years in office and how fucked up he left the govt in 2001. His govt was so corrupt that most of his closests advisotrs and secretaries are in jail or on trail. Put, surprisingly, people ignore these facts.

Anibal Acevedo Vila. He sucks, not because of corruption, but because he doesnt do anything worthwhile. Its like Queen Elizabeth, shes there and is a symbol of power, but really doesnt do anything in govt. Thats AAV. His fuck ups have been: not acting against the FBI for the assasination of Filiberto Ojeda Rios, closing the govt in may 2006 (for 2 weeks), buyin $3000 suits with the partys money, not supporting a raise in the minimum wage, not being tough on Paseo Caribe, not being helpful on the Teachers Strike, and most importantly, passing the 7% IVU. The IVU at 7% was too sudden, and shocked our economy. Now he regrets passing it and wants to eliminate it. His excuse back then was that the IVU was a decision he had to make but a right one. Guess what his argument is for eliminating it? AAV also makes dumb comments. Once he said that PR doesnt have a migration problem to the US. Being a neo rican, I totally disagreed with him. All he has to do is take a trip to the Bronx, or Orlando. Those boricuas didnt just pop up - they migrated there, leaving the island. AAV will lose against Fortuno, not because the latter is better but because AAV sucks - he's ineffective, hes mediocre.

The one good thing in politics that has happened since my time here is the emergence of a 4th party - the PPR. The have a platform, they have ideas, they reject to take a stand on status, and the candidate for governor is black. The PPR is the real change PR needs. Sadly, the 3 parties and the media have work conjunctionally to ignore the PPR. But I think that the PPR has enough support, as much as the PIP, that it will gain at least one seat in the house of reps.

This is enough for now. Later I will come again with more thoughts on Puerto Rican politics.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


It's been a while since I 5 months. But its all good. This semester I spent more time dedicated to my studies and the band. I've made all As and a B. And the band is doing great. We gig at the NuyoRican Cafe the 1st thursdays of every month.

Anyways, theres been a lot going on in Puerto Rico. Ill try to maintain this blog updated regularly. I'd just like to mention that last Saturday Miguel Cotto defeate Zab Judah in NYC. Cotto! Dont mess with the boricuas.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Adios a Don Emiliano

The oldest man in world has passed away this morning. At 115 he was the only living veteran of WWI. He was respected by the entire nation of Borinquen, and a proud Puerto Rican. And like many of us male Puerto Ricans, he was in love with the sensational Iris Chacon. Rest in Peace, Don Emiliano.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Statistics on Murders thus far

A report released in Primera Hora revelas the numbers regarding murders in PR for the first half of January of 2007. In nearly 2/3 of the cases, the murders were drug related. Click here to go to the chart.

68% de los asesinatos ocurridos este año en Puerto Rico se vinculan al trasiego de drogas, la mayoría ha ocurrido en la vía pública, el domingo es el día en que más muertes violentas se reportaron y en el 89% de los casos se utilizaron armas de fuego, de acuerdo a estadísticas preliminares de la Superintendencia Auxiliar en Investigaciones Criminales (SAIC).

...dos crímenes por violencia doméstica...dos asesinatos por maltrato infantil...cuatro de los asesinatos ocurrieron durante peleas o discusiones y también figuran un caso de muerte por robo, otro "pasional" y un tercero por "venganza"...un jovencito que se presume jugaba con un arma de fuego se disparó en la cabeza.

...el 69 por ciento ocurrió en carreteras o la vía pública, 11 por ciento en estacionamientos de centros comerciales o negocios, 6 por ciento en el interior del hogar, otro seis por ciento en apartamentos de residenciales públicos, cuatro por ciento en la calle frente a complejos de vivienda pública, dos por ciento en el patio de caseríos y otro 2% en el estacionamiento de discotecas, pubs o bares.

...Contrario a la percepción general, sólo cuatro de los 47 asesinatos registrados en las primeras dos semanas del año ocurrieron en residenciales

...Once de los 47 asesinatos ocurrieron en el área policíaca de Carolina, nueve en la de San Juan, siete en Caguas, seis en Bayamón, tres en Arecibo, tres en Ponce y tres en Humacao. En las áreas de Mayagüez, Guayama, Aguadilla, Fajardo y Aibonito se había registrado uno por cada jurisdicción..

..Once casos habían sido esclarecidos y las autoridades habían sometido cargos.

Funny Political Pics

"And then I was like, bitch, that kid ain't mine."

UPR robbed!

Dos individuos asaltaron esta tarde la Oficina de Recaudaciones de la Universidad de Puerto Rico, recinto de Río Piedras, y lograron cargar con cerca de $25,000.

Según la información preliminar, a eso de las 3:00 p.m. los dos hombres, uno de ellos armado con una pistola, entraron a la oficina y exclamaron: “Esto es un asalto, todo el mundo al piso y nadie mire”.

Se indicó, además, que la Oficina de Recaudaciones no cuenta con un sistema de cámaras de seguridad y que los oficiales que ofrecen vigilancia no están armados
. El Nuevo Dia
I think its kinda funny. The UPR never fails to surprise me. Anybody knows that you have to be ALOT more careful and malicious when dealing with money. When banks add money to the ATM they always have an armed guard watching. When the MTA or Tren Urbano changes money from the MetroCard machines, they always have an armed guard watching over. Banks have armed guards. Oh and these places also have security cameras. The UPR had none of these. What were they thinking!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

More pics of Maricao Trip IV

My girl, Joelys

Chu and Joelys

Plaza de Sabana Grande

More pics of Maricao Trip III

Downed power lines on the road

Beautiful mountain road

Luis walking on water

Luis slipping and falling while crossing the river

Luis slipping again

More pics of Maricao Trip

Me in the Plaza, in front of the church

Taino Indian head at the restaurant

Pictures from Trip to Maricao

Yesterday, Joelys, Luis and I embarked on a trip to the western mountain town of Maricao. Here are some pics.

View from the Torre de Piedra

Luis and Chu

Bridge into Maricao

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Hope for Gays in PR

En un salón atestado de miembros de la comunidad homosexual, lésbica, bisexual, transexual y transgénero, líderes religiosos y de la sociedad civil, abrió ayer a discusión pública el libro de familia del Código Civil, que además de las nuevas causas para el divorcio, reconoce las uniones de hecho entre personas de un mismo sexo. El Nuevo Dia
Although, the Codigo Civil will continue to define marriage as between a man and woman, it is going to recognize uniones de hechos, o civil uniones. I think this is a great first step. Although, I think its going to get alot of heat from hardcore politicians, and may even get tossed, I really hope this gets accepted into the Codigo Civil. Its time to take that step.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Where's the Affordable Housing?

The architectural, engineering and planning firm Montilla-López has designed 10 condominium projects that together have a sale value of more than $176 million and are due to start construction early next year. Of the 193 units that the 10 projects put together represent, 151 are in the Condado area alone. According to architect Federico Montilla-López, there are another 20 to 30 similar projects in the area that are due to start construction next year, while another 10 have either been recently completed or are due to be completed within a year...

The architect explained that due to the price of land in Condado, which is averaging $4,000 per square meter, and the rising cost of building materials, developers have adopted a floor-area-and-pricing standard for condominiums that amounts to approximately 2,500 square feet and $1.2 million per unit.

Does affordable housing exist anymore? All we hear about now are expensive condominiums going up. How many rich people are there in Puerto Rico anyways. Read the rest of the article at Puerto Rico Wow

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Victory for Student Protesters!

Luego de escuchar los argumentos de los abogados de los estudiantes y de los representantes legales de la rectora Gladys Escalona de Motta, el juez entendió que la Rectora "utilizó prueba y hechos que no están en el récord ni en el informe de (el ex juez Heriberto) Sepúlveda para tomar su decisión", de suspenderlos.

El referido informe destaca que los estudiantes suspendidos sumariamente el 19 de diciembre —Víctor Rodríguez, Yaricel Rivera, Víctor Estrella, Gabriel Méndez, Hugo Delgado y Gerardo Ferrao— no debían ser sancionados debido a que no representaban un peligro para la seguridad de las personas ni la propiedad y porque no interrumpieron actividades legítimas posterior al incidente ni los cursos que se imparten en el Recinto de Río Piedras. El Nuevo Dia
I was there on Sept 16, 2006, when the incident occurred. Though I didn't participate in the protest, I stood on the sidelines supporting them. And let me just say that what they said (media, politicans, other officials) had happened is totally inaccurate! They lied, they tried to punish these students, they tried to set an example, they tried to scare students from protesting in the future. In fact, if anybody was acting roudy, it was the politicians and the riquitios who tried to push and punch their way through the student wall. It's about time someone could see through all these lies. Victoria para los estudiantes!!

While most of his speech focused on Iraq, President Bush explicitly threatened Iran and Syria...Hours after Bush’s speech, US forces raided the Iranian consulate in the northern Iraqi city of Arbil and arrested five employees. Democracy Now!